About the Botho University (BU)

The Botho University (BU)


Botho University Botswana is a provider of first-class education with quality and flexible learning options. It’s propelled forward by the vision to create forward-thinking leaders who will develop the society.

The Botho Vision

Botho University Botswana aspires to be an integral player in building an economically diversified, fast growing, and prosperous Botswana, built on integrity, excellence, inclusiveness and financial viability.

The Botho Mission

Botho University Botswana will produce well-rounded, entrepreneurial, and globally employable graduates with the attitude, knowledge, skills and competencies to create value and drive productivity increases needed to catalyze sustainable economic growth. The University is committed to long-term stakeholder satisfaction through continuous quality improvement, financial viability, and culture of integrity, excellence and inclusiveness in all its activities including its leadership, teaching, research, consulting, and community services.

Botho University Office of Staff, Student & Outreach

The Office of Staff & Student Outreach (OSSO) is made up of the Human Resources Department and the Students and Alumni Affairs Department (SAAD), through which a broad spectrum of services to the staff, students, alumni and community is implemented. This office espouses the spirit of positive social change for development of individuals and the community at large.

Providing quality educational experience is the primary mandate of the SAAD Department. The departments offer services such as counseling, career development and guidance, internships, job placements, sports, culture and recreation, student’s grievance handling and resolution etc. Botho University establishes a lasting relationship with its graduates and alumni through the Botho University Alumni Association (BUAA).

OSSO is an intrinsic part of the community; therefore, we value the mutual partnership that exists between BU and the community. Consequently, our staff, students and alumni are actively engaged in community support initiatives that exist through partnerships with local, regional and international stakeholders. In a nutshell, OSSO exists to nurture raw talent into morally upright, well-rounded and employable graduates!!

Students and Alumni Affairs Department (SAAD)

This is a student centered department that enhances out of classroom education through quality support services and programmes. Services offered by the department include:

  • Counseling Services: This unit is available to provide students with psychosocial support, career counseling and academic advising.
  • Student Relations: The Student Relations Unit ensures good relations between the students and the university, as well as promoting student governance by overseeing Student Representative Council (SRC) operations.
  • Grievance Handling: This unit provides students with a platform to lodge complaints when they feel that they have been unfairly treated.
  • Special Needs Support: The Special Needs Unit manages the welfare of students with special learning needs. The services include special accommodation during exams, in the classroom and resource lab/centre among others.
  • Internships, Graduate Placement & Career Development: This unit links students with appropriate internship opportunities and graduates with employment opportunities. The unit is also responsible for helping students determine and fulfill their career goals through various programs, services, and resources.
  • Alumni Engagement: The Alumni Relations Unit aims to foster a lifelong relationship between the university and its graduates. Its intention is to build strong networks with graduates through Career Development Support, Lifelong Learning and Career Fairs.
  • Health and Wellness: This unit manages the health and wellness of students and staff. It oversees the operations of the University Clinic and carries out medical emergency evacuations. Some of the services provided include assistance with minor illness, referrals to major clinics and hospitals, management of HIV and AIDS interventions, campaigns as well as other wellness programmes.
  • Personal Development & Leadership Initiatives: SAA is mandated to teach students life skills which enable them to cope with life in the university and beyond by managing and administering the following: development workshops, First Year Experience (FYE), mentorship, motivation sessions and leadership trainings.
  • Sports, Culture and Recreation: This unit supports academic performance and personal success by promoting welfare and wellness through talent enhancement and management. Through the sporting and non-sporting clubs, this unit contributes to the development of each student in relation to the Botho Graduate Profile. The clubs include but are not limited to: Sporting Clubs (soccer, netball, volleyball, basketball, athletics etc.) and Non – Sporting Clubs (drama, Christian movement, debate, choir, bridge etc.)
  • Community Engagement: BU is committed to the improvement of people’s lives in the community through skills development, entrepreneurship and community empowerment. This division encourages students to plan and implement programmes and/or activities aimed at addressing needs and situations being faced in the community with emphasis on instilling the Botho values of volunteerism and the spirit of giving and compassion.
  • Student Housing: This unit deals with the allocation of residences and is responsible for the welfare of residents in student accommodation.
  • Welfare of International Students: This unit keeps a database of all international students, ensuring their welfare and access to all the relevant information. It is also responsible for managing all logistical matters in the student exchange programmes.
  • Entrepreneurship Development: The Entrepreneurship Laboratory (eLab) was established to provide a supportive ecosystem for students aspiring to harness their innovative skills for entrepreneurial benefits. It serves to help students identify current issues, problems and needs that require practical applications. The eLab focuses on promoting creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship on an experiential and interactive level.

Human Resources Department

Services under HR include:

  • Staff Welfare
  • Training and Development
  • Payroll
  • Recruitment, Selection and Placement

Botho University Alumni Association

The Student and Alumni Affairs Department (SAAD) at Botho University acts as a catalyst to foster lifelong connections within the Botho University community. SAAD is responsible for managing the Botho University Alumni Association Facebook page which is the primary mode of communication and connecting with our former graduates. Students who are former graduates of Botho University from any campus or programme of study are encouraged to join our vibrant Facebook community. With over 4,300 members and growing exponentially every day, the page provides information on developments at the University, employment and internship opportunities, networking and professional development, webinars, training and workshops, discounts and deals, scholarship information and assistance and much more.

Telephone: +267 363 5484
Email: Alumni@bothouniversity.ac.bw

Botho University Mandatory and Voluntary Internships

Botho University places tremendous emphasis on student employability. In the quest of providing as much practical exposure to our students, they are required to undertake mandatory internships as part of their academic requirements. The internship opportunities provide tremendous exposure and valuable work experience to students who wish to differentiate themselves, enhance their employability and prepare themselves for the world of work.

The Student and Alumni Affairs Department (SAAD) is responsible for coordinating all Internships. SAAD assists students with internship opportunities with employers with whom we have institutional partnerships. Botho University is now also able to offer students the opportunity to undertake their Internships virtually. We have partnered with two organizations that provide students with the opportunity to work with international employers and on real-world projects.

Students may also get hired by international employers after completing such internships. The two organizations currently offering institutional virtual internships arrangements with Botho University are:

Botho University is also establishing partnerships with international organisations to provide students with the opportunity to undertake voluntary internships in addition to the mandatory Internships. In this regard from 2021, Botho University is an official member of WACE (www.waceinc.org) which offers interested and smart students to participate in a Global Challenge where teams of multicultural students from across the world participate in finding solutions for a real-world client. Botho University also offers students and graduates a chance to apply to the Diive (www.godiive.com) Global Internships programme. We are establishing partnerships with more and more international organizations to expand the scope of voluntary internships.

Courses Offered by Botho University

Below are the various courses offered across the Botho University faculties on campus;

Faculty of Business and Accounting

Bcom In Investment and Banking

Bcom in Risk Management

BBA in Small Business Management

BCom in Finance

BCom in Accounting

BBA in Business Management

Certificate in New Venture Creation

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

BSc in Computer NetworkingFaculty of Engineering and Technology

Certificate in Electrical Installation and Maintenance

BEng (Hons) in Computer Engineering

BEng (Hons) in Electrical Engineering

BSc (Hons) in Multimedia Systems

BSc (Hons) in Network Security and Computer Forensics

BSc (Hons) in ComputingFaculty of Engineering and Technology

Certificate Level 3 in Graphic Design And Animation

Certificate Level 3 in Database Administration

Certificate Level 3 in Web Designing

Certificate Level 3 in Desktop Publishing

Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching (CCNA)

Certificate in Network Administration

Certificate Level 3 in Computer Hardware Maintenance and Networking

Faculty Of Health & Education

Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety

Certificate in Child Care

BSc (Hons) in Health Information Management

Faculty Of Hospitality & Sustainable Tourism

Diploma in Travel Operations

Diploma in Events Management

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Hospitality Management

Botho University Admission Criteria

1. Applying to Botho University

Before applying to Botho University, students are encouraged to take time to familiarize themselves with all the programmes on offer. Applicants must meet all the relevant minimum requirements for the programme they wish to study. It is also important for applicants to assess whether they have an interest in the programme they want to choose and whether they want to make a career out of it. The friendly Admission Team Counselors will provide all the information needed about our programmes and also assist applicants to make an informed choice.

2. How to calculate points

The admission point system is used to measure your academic achievement based on your school-leaving results. Your school leaving subject grades or percentages are converted into points based on your qualification. These points are added up to arrive at the overall number of points you have obtained. Click below to view the points table.

Points Table [PDF]

3. Important points to remember when applying

• All students can apply in person or using the online application form available on the
website. Please read the “Steps to Apply” document available on the application portal
before applying.
• Clear certified copies of all relevant educational certificates.
• Clear certified copies of Omang/passport/identity card.
• Please read the Fee Structure and Policy document available on the website before
• Should you have any doubts about the application process please contact our admissions
department for further assistance.

International Students

Botho University’s strategic focus is to increase student diversity by attracting more international students to enrol. We have a rich and culturally diverse student complement from countries such as Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia to name a few. The list is continuously growing as we broaden our horizons through our Distance Learning programmes. Our Admissions Department is responsible for international student recruitment and enrollment while the Student and Alumni Affairs Department (SAAD) is dedicated to the general welfare of international students including the following services:

  • Visa and student permits processing
  • Medical aid and health insurance
  • Emergency assist contacts i.e. Botswana police and medics, etc.
  • Accommodation during their study at Botho University
  • Transport during their study at Botho University
  • Welcome at the airport/bus rank if required (needs to be arranged prior)
  • Campus tour on their first day on campus
  • General welfare matters
  • Student grievances and counselling
  • Student life at Botho including clubs and activities
  • Meeting the Student Representative Council (SRC) / Student Union

Botho University School Fees Policy

  1. Purpose of the Policy
    The purpose of this policy is to set out to explain the tuition fee-charging principles of the University and how tuition fees are calculated.
  2. Scope
    The policy is applicable to all students of Botho University. The payment of fees is the responsibility of the student and, in the event of a student’s sponsoring authority (if any) failing to make payment, the student will be given a financial dropout status.
  3. Definition of Terms
    1. Tuition Fees- Annual amounts due to the University in respect of services provided.
    2. Sponsor – Organisations that may provide funds for or contribute toward tuition fees. These may be government, parents, employers, self-sponsored students
  4. Fee Calculations
    All Botho University programmes follow a credit-based tuition fee structure. Every programme consists of one or more modules where each module is worth a specific number of credits. The tuition fee for the module is thus obtained by multiplying the number of credits by the fee per credit. Certain modules that require specialized equipment may have an additional surcharge. The tuition fee for a programme can thus be obtained by adding the fees for all the modules required to be successfully completed by a student to attain that qualification. Please refer to the fee structure for more details.
  5. Fee Revisions
    All Botho University Fees are subject to a 10% annual increase.
  6. Tuition Fees
    1. All fees are payable at least ten working days prior to the official commencement of the semester.
    2. Distance Learning Students will have to first pay the Admission Fee to confirm their acceptance of the offer made for enrolment. After the acceptance, they will be guided through to registration of the modules for the programme of their choice. Fees are payable at least ten working days prior to the official commencement of the semester.
    3. Botho University reserves the right to change the fee structure as and when required. All of the above fees are subject to minimal increase of 10% every year.
    4. For students sponsored by any organization, a letter of undertaking or sponsorship letter from that organization is required to confirm his enrolment. 5. For students paying using a payment plan, the following rules apply: a. Payment plans are available on request. b. Distance Learning students are not eligible for payment plans currently.
    5. The first instalment of the payment plan is due at least 10 working days prior to the official commencement of the semester.
    6. All subsequent instilments are due on the first day of the month following the commencement of the semester.
    7. For students sponsored by organisations, payment is due within 14 days from the date of invoice.
    8. Any delays in payment will attract an interest of 2% per month for all students.
    9. A student with any outstanding fees will lead to him/ her being termed as a fee defaulter. He/she will thus not be allowed to register for the semester, access to the learning platform/materials, be prevented from taking any assessments or be dropped out from the University itself.
    10. A student who drops out after the commencement of the semester with or without notice will be liable for the entire semester fee.
    11. Students wishing to take a break should formally apply in writing to the Admissions Manager. The maximum permissible period cannot exceed 12 months. On expiry of this period the student will have to enrol as a new student
    12. A student wishing to terminate from their studies should formally apply in writing to the admissions manager, who will issue an internal approval letter. In the case of an external agency sponsorship, an approval letter for the sponsor will also be required.
  7. Refunds & Terminations
    1. All Administrative fees are non-refundable.
    2. All approved refund requests will be charged a refund fee of BWP500.00.
    3. For programmes where external partners may be involved, a refund of fees will not be possible.
    4. Tuition fees will only be refundable if the refund request is received at least 96 hours before the scheduled start of the given module or programme and if the student has not collected any study material from the institution. Refunds are subject to a refund fee. Registration and admission cancels or changes the scheduled start of classes; in such a case no refund fee will be charged. Examinations fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferrable
  8. Professional Accounting Programmes

For professional accounting programmes, membership registration, annual subscription and examination fees are payable as per the awarding body standard rates. The responsibility of registering with the awarding body and ensuring all fees are paid within the specified dates lies with the student.

Botho University Bank Account Details

Campus Learning
Account NameBotho University (Pty) Ltd
Bank NameBank Of Baroda (Botswana) Ltd
Account Number95210400000125
Branch Code110167 (Main Mall)
Campus Learning
Account NameBotho University (Pty) Ltd
Bank NameFirst National Bank (FNB)
Account Number62128614527
Branch Code284567 (Kgale View)
Distance Learning
Account NameBotho University (Pty) Ltd
Bank NameFirst National Bank (FNB)
Account Number62512054678
Branch Code281467 (Main)


Physical Address:

Botho Education Park, Kgale, Gaborone, Botswana
Postal Address:
PO Box 501564, Gaborone,
Telephone: +267 363 5421 / 363 5422 / 363 5446
Fax: +267 391 3187858
Email: admissions@bothouniversity.ac.bw