About the Livingstone Kolobeng College

About the Livingstone Kolobeng College

About Us

Livingstone Kolobeng College (LKC) is located on a campus situated in the heart of Africa’s fastest growing city, Gaborone. LKC is a progressive, innovative and forwarded thinking school. Our learning approach integrates the best of Botswana and international education practices. Academic rigour at LKC is complemented by a happy and vibrant school life. LKC is Botswana’s leading institution for IGCSE & Advanced Level Studies. We are dedicated to providing our students with quality education at reasonable prices.

Our History

Named in honour of Botswana’s first academic institution, which was established by the famous missionary Dr. David Livingstone in partnership with local Batswana in 1843, Livingstone Kolobeng College has built on the legacy of its namesake by combining the time-honoured strengths of Africa cultural values with a cosmopolitan outlook that prepares its students to meet the rapidly evolving demands of tomorrow’s global economy.

Our Mission

To promote excellence in academic, physical and moral education.

Our Vision

To be amongst the best education institutions in the region and create a brighter future for you.

Our Values

Integrity, Moral Support, Honesty, Excellence in Quality Service, Professionalism.

Why Choose LKC?

Through the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate (UCLES) LKC is internationally certified as an approved Oxford, Cambridge, and Royal Society of the Arts (OCR) examinations centre offering Cambridge examinations at IGCSE and Advanced Level.


LKC prides itself in producing students who have a global appeal. Over the few years that we have been in existence, we are proud to have produced students who are placed in prestigious institutions of higher learning such as MIT, Harvard University, University of Los Angeles, Stanford and North-western University – to mention only a few. These students are only, but a portion of hordes of our students who have academically achieved and are placed in many other local and international universities and are proudly excelling in their fields of studies which include, Actuarial Sciences, Medicine, Aeronautics, Engineering – the list goes on. This is why LKC is indeed “YOUR LABEL FOR ACADEMIC SUCCESS”.

Skilled Teachers

LKC boasts of a pool of teachers with vast experience in the teaching field. These teachers are drawn from the width and breadth of the country, regionally and beyond the continent. Their combined experience and expertise are at the heart of the academic success that LKC has so far accomplished. They are academically qualified, ranging from those who hold Bachelors Degrees, Honours Degrees and a majority that hold Masters’ Degrees in their fields of teaching. They are forever improving themselves and the school constantly sends them out for refresher courses to continuously sharpen them for the golden task of imbuing our students with the requisite modern knowledge.

Career Guidance & Scholarships

Young people are our dreamers and at LKC we help mould those dreams through active career guidance and counselling. The school has a far and wide contact with Universities, experts and motivational speakers who come to give career, personal and moral guidance to our students. Over and above that we have a full-time guidance and counselling department in the school. The school through its corporate sponsors provide full and part scholarships to deserving students. Students are assisted to apply to any university of their choice.


LKC is the sporting giant of Botswana. We are the Independent Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSSA) athletics champions for six years in a row. We are the undisputed rugby champions in the ISSSA and Botswana Integrated Sports Association (BISA) competitions for the past seven years. Our students are excelling in many other sports codes such as soccer, netball, tennis, cricket and badminton to mention a few. This success has come from the LKC approach of enrolling mixed ability students who are able to achieve both academically and in sports.

Application Form

Download the Livingstone Kolobeng College application form using the provided link below;

Livingstone Kolobeng College Courses Offered

𝗟𝗞𝗖 𝗵𝗮𝘀 𝗞𝗶𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗿𝗴𝗮𝗿𝘁𝗲𝗻 𝗖𝗹𝗮𝘀𝘀𝗲𝘀, 𝗜𝗚𝗖𝗦𝗘 (𝗙𝗼𝗿𝗺 𝟭-𝟱), 𝗔𝗦 & 𝗔𝟮 (𝗙𝗼𝗿𝗺 𝟲).

Livingstone Kolobeng College Admission Requirements

Livingstone Kolobeng College Admissions: A-Levels

For A’level admissions, we strictly want you to note that we require results of O’Level or IGCSE. If results have not been declared, the Mock Exam report from the previous school should be submitted. Admission will be made on the basis of the Mock results. Admission is provisional until results are confirmed by Cambridge University or is reviewed again by the school to guide students into what they can do. Students are required to have at least a credit in the subject at form 5 to study it at a higher level. Those selecting to do English at the Advanced level should have a credit in English Literature in Form 5.

Additional Information – “A-Levels”

  • For examination classes e.g. form 5 and form 6- Payments for 3 terms have to be made in the First 2 terms of the year.

How Is A-Level At LKC ?

A-level is a two year program that is recognized internationally by universities all over the world. It is administered by Cambridge Assessment, and is divided into two years. The first year is known as the Advanced Subsidiary level (AS level). The second year is known as the A2 level. Though it is not mandatory, students are given the opportunity to go into the A2 level after the successful completion of their first year.

The program serves as a bridging program for students to acquire knowledge and the skills necessary for the first year of university to ensure that they are able to adjust to the university life, and perform at the level required of them. A-level gives the students the advantage of studying abroad in reputable universities. In the program, the students get to do a minimum of four subjects in AS, and are free to drop a subject if they wish when they begin their A2. Our subject selection is based on the student’s past performances and career choice. However, in special cases we allow students to take subjects they may have never done in Form 5 depending on their chosen career path.

There are two sessions available for students: the first, and most popular, is the January intake where students start the program in January and write their examinations in the same year during the October/November examination period; and the second one is the May/June intake where the students begin their studies in May and write their examinations in May of the following year. At the end of the AS examinations, students are awarded a certificate indicating their performance in their respective subjects.

For any further information about A-level contact: exams@lkc.ac.bw

Livingstone Kolobeng College Admissions: IGCSE

  • 1st
  • What are the requirements? Get Started !

Parents wanting admission for their children should collect an application form from the school office or download it from this page, on a link to the right. The completed form should then be handed to the office with the following:

  1. P500.00 Registration Fee – Non Refundable, for forms 1-5.
  2. P300.00 Entrance Fee
  3. A copy of student’s Birth Certificate and/or a National ID card (Omang) and/or Passport.
  4. Copy of parents’ National ID/ passport.
  5. Copies of recent School Reports.
  6. A Transfer Letter from the last school attended.
  7. Two (2) Passport size Photos (color or black & white).
  8. Note: Form 5 admissions will require last two term’s school reports.

For further details about admissions, download a School Fees Policy document on the right side-pannel or CLICK HERE to download it.

  • 2nd
  • Entrance Test Based on Student Level (form) and Subjects
  1. For Form 1 & 2: English, Mathematics and Science
  2. For Form 3 & 4: English, Mathematics and Science
  3. For Form 5 & A Levels: There will be no entrance test but an interview will be held.

NOTE: If a student is offered a place then parents will be given a deadline to have paid-up the school fees.


Candidates are invited as much as possible to attend an interview with our Head of School to confirm their motivation pertaining joining our school. This stage is mandatory for all students who will be enrolled at Livingstone Kolobeng College.

Contact Us

Use the information below to get in touch with the management of Livingstone Kolobeng College

P.O Box 403388 Gaborone,
Plot 37225, Block 8
Ext 38, Botswana, Gaborone

  • Tel: (+267)3161140
  • (+267) 3162208
  • Fax: (+267)3161139