Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Salary in Botswana

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Salary in Botswana

Who is an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer ?

An aircraft maintenance engineer, also licensed aircraft maintenance engineer, is a licensed person who carries out and certifies aircraft maintenance. The license is widespread internationally and is recognised by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Salary in Botswana

The successful candidate will receive a competitive salary and benefits based on their qualifications and experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do aircraft maintenance engineers make good money?

The middle 57% of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers makes between $66,217 and $165,058, with the top 86% making $363,217.

What is the highest salary of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer salary in India ranges between ₹ 0.6 Lakhs to ₹ 30.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 8.0 Lakhs.

How long is aircraft maintenance engineering course?

03 years

The duration of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course is 03 years, which is divided into six semesters of six months each, covering all the modules of respective category. The entire course consists of basic knowledge training, basic knowledge examination, practical training and practical assessment.

Who are the highest paid aircraft mechanics?

Top 10 Highest-Paying Aircraft Mechanics Companies

CompanySalary for Aircraft Mechanics
Air National Guard$61,278
Northrop Grumman$57,177
US Air Force$50,154
US Army$47,680

Is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering a good career?

A career as an aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) is a fantastic choice for anybody interested in working in the aviation business. Positions in the aviation sector are highly visible and provide significant opportunities for growth and it is a good career option. The role of an AME is one such opportunity.

Is aircraft maintenance a hard course?

A: The difficulty level can be marked as moderate to tough. The questions would be on the subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and General Awareness. With regular and systematic preparation, it would not be tough to crack the entrance tests for AME.7

Is aircraft maintenance a stressful job?

In this line of work, there is no room for error or complacency. Neglecting to check manuals or cutting corners on a repair is dangerous. With the constant pressure and sometimes stress of the work environment, it can be hard to be an aircraft mechanic.

What is the qualification for aircraft maintenance engineering?

AME Eligibility Criteria

Candidate appearing or passed 10+2 with PCM from a recognized board. 3 years engineering diploma in any stream from recognized university/board or Approved from AICTE. AME course can also be pursued by the one eligible for B. Tech in any stream.

Is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering a degree?

Aircraft maintenance engineering is a course offered only by a few institutes. It deals with the maintenance, upgrading and quality assurance of an aircraft. Aircraft maintenance engineering is a four-year course and approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

What is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering called?

The American equivalent of an AME is an aircraft maintenance technician (AMT), also known as an A&P. Up until 1998, Type I and Type II aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) licences were distinguished. In 1998 ICAO replaced these by a single AME licence.

Do aircraft mechanics get free flights?

Many aviation employers offer what is known as flight benefits—meaning discounted or sometimes free flights to various locations all over the United States and even the world! Note that flight benefits are entirely dependent on the employer and are not guaranteed.