BA ISAGO University Students’ Accommodation

BA ISAGO University Students Accommodation (Hostels)

Does the University provide accommodation?

The University does not provide accommodation, however, international students may be assisted to secure accommodation.

Are there any arrangements for accommodation the University can make for students who come from remote places?

The University is committed to assisting with finding accommodation for OVC and special needs students.

What Procedures do I follow if I cannot attend classes due to ill health?

A medical record must be submitted to the Student Welfare & Support Services Division and the Head of Department. If the student is sponsored by DTEF, the sponsor has to be notified by submitting the medical records to defer studies

What procedures should I follow if I am bereaved or have social issues and I cannot attend classes?

The student must inform Student Support Office with proof. The University will then make necessary arrangements for the student.

Contact Us

Get in touch with the management for assistance on student hostel and accommodations;

Gaborone Campus

Marketing Officer

Phone +267 395 7744


Francistown Campus

Assistant Campus Manager

Phone: +267 2418780


Maun campus

Phone: +267 686 7021