Bachelor of Architecture (Architecture) Course at Botswana College of Engineering and Technology (BCET)

Bachelor of Architecture (Architecture) Course at Botswana College of Engineering and Technology (BCET)

What is Architecture?

Architecture is the art and technique of designing and building, as distinguished from the skills associated with construction. It is both the process and the product of sketching, conceiving, planning, designing, and constructing buildings or other structures.

Entrance Requirements

Admission to the BArch Degree programme shall be as stipulated in General Academic Regulation 20.20
Applicants for admission to level 100 must have a minimum of Grade D in English Language, a minimum of Grade C in Mathematics, either a minimum of Grade C in Physics or Grade BB in Science Double Award, and a minimum of Grade C in Art or in Design and Technology.

Advanced Standing: Students with credits towards a degree from other Post-Secondary Educational institutions are eligible for application and may receive advanced credit for their prior studies in comparable courses.

All applicants are required to attend an interview with Architecture Programme Staff and are advised that it would be an advantage to bring a portfolio containing evidence of interest in visual arts and/or design. Admission into the programme is subject to the positive result of the interview.

In addition to, applicants for admission to Level 100 of the programme must take courses in Physics, Chemistry and mathematics in the Faculty of Science. Applicants in possession of an appropriate ‘A’ level qualification with at least C grades in Mathematics and at least one of:
Physics, Chemistry, Art or Design and Technology may be exempted from taking Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in the Faculty of Science.

Applicants who possess the normal entry requirements listed in the General Academic Regulation 20.2 but who do not satisfy or may be admitted to the programme if they: a) have assessable experience in artistic and/or design activities and/or b) submit a portfolio of drawings and design exercises (not exceeding 10) with the application.

Programme Structure

Level 100 shall consist of the following courses:

Semester 1

Core Courses

ARB111 Design & Communication I (4)
ARB112 Building Materials & Construction I (2)
PHY112 Geometrical optics, Mechanics, Vibrations and Waves
COM131 Communication and Academic Literacy Skills (FET) (3)
ICT121 Computer Skills Fundamentals I (2)
MAT191 Design Mathematics

Semester 2

Core Courses

ARB121 Design & Communication II (4)
ARB113 Traditional African Architecture (2)
ARB123 History of Art (2)
ARB124 Environment and Comfort (2)
MAT192 Design Mathematics II (3)
COM132 Academic and Professional Communication (FET) (3)
ICT122 Computer Skills Fundamentals II (2)
GEC Courses

Level 200 shall consist of the following courses:

Semester 3

Core Courses

ARB211 Architectural Design I (6)
ARB212 Building Materials & Construction III (2)
ARB213 History of Architecture I (2)
ARB216 Computer Aided Drafting (2)
URP207 Land Surveying and Cartography + Lab (3)
CCB217 Theory of Structures 1 (2)

Semester 4

Core Courses

ARB221 Architectural Design II (6)
ARB222 Building Materials & Construction IV (2)
ARB223 History of Architecture II (2)
ARB214 Energy Efficiency in Buildings (2)
CCB227 Theory of Structure II (2)

Semester 4 Winter session:

ARB220 Internship I (2)

Level 300 shall consist of the following courses:

Semester 5

Core Courses

ARB311 Architectural Design III (6)
ARB312 Building Services I (2)
ARB313 History of Architecture III (2)
CCB317 Theory of Structures III (2)

Optional Courses

URP200 Introduction to Town Planning (2)
URP202 Infrastructure Planning & Management (20) (2)

Semester 6

Core Courses

ARB321 Architectural Design IV (6)
ARB322 Building Services II (2)
ARB323 History of Architecture IV (2)
ARB325 Interior Design (2)
LAW253: Foundation Of Engineering Law

Semester 6 Winter session

ARB320 Internship II (2)

Level 400 shall consist of the following courses:

Semester 7

Core Courses

ARB411 Architectural Design V (6)
ARB412 Building Systems I (2)
ARB413 Philosophy of Architecture I (2)
LAW452 Construction Law (2)
ARB415 Landscape Design (2)

Semester 8

Core Courses

ARB421 Architectural Design VI (6)
ARB422 Building Systems II (2)
ARB423 Philosophy of Architecture II (2)
ARB424 Professional Practice I (2)

Optional Courses

ENV412 Environmental Impact Assessment (2)
ENV484 Urbanisation & the Environment (2)

Semester 8 Winter session

ARB420 Internship III (2)

Level 500 shall consist of the following courses:

Semester 9

Core Courses

ARB511 Design Project I (8)
CCB519 Building Economics (2)
GEC273 The State & Society (2)

Optional Courses

URP307 Land and Property Evaluation (2)
URP314 Land and Property Management (2)
ARB514 Project Practice II (2)

Semester 10

Core Courses

ARB521 Design Project II (8)
ARB522 Urban & Rural Design Practice (2)
ARB524 Project Management (2)
GEC277 Law & Society in Botswana (2)

A course may consist entirely of fieldwork, project work, practical work, design, and seminars. In addition to work during the semester, a subject may include prescribed fieldwork or assignments during the vacation periods.