Bachelor of Arts in Counselling (Counselling) Course at Botswana College of Engineering and Technology (BCET)

Bachelor of Arts in Counselling (Counselling) Course at Botswana College of Engineering and Technology (BCET)

What is Counselling?

Counseling psychology is a psychological specialty that began with a focus on vocational counseling, but later moved its emphasis to adjustment counseling, and then expanded to cover all normal psychology psychotherapy.


The Bachelor of Arts in Counselling is intended to produce professionally competent, ethical and culturally-responsive counsellors to address diverse psychosocial issues. The professionals would work within the sub specialty areas of career, addiction or correctional counselling. This qualification prepares graduates for an entry level career, assisting licensed counsellors in agencies providing mental and physical health services, social services and other educational and business organizations.


  • Career/Occupational Counsellors 
  • Guidance and Counsellors in School Setting (Non-Teaching) 
  • Substance Abuse Counsellors 
  • Mental Health Counsellors 
  • Correctional Counsellors 
  • School Counsellors 
  • Intake Counsellors 
  • Child Advocates 
  • Student Welfare Officers 
  • Wardens 
  • Wellness Officers


  1. Demonstrate knowledge on the historical development, theories and techniques of counselling and the way in which counselling has developed as a discipline 
  2. Plan and execute effective counselling sessions in career, addiction or correctional counselling sub specialty areas. 
  3. Apply counselling and communication skills to support clients in case conceptualization 
  4. Demonstrate the capacity to acquire and utilize the dispositions consistent with professional counseling in the areas of clinical and intrapersonal/interpersonal functioning. 
  5. Examine and adhere to the ethical and legal issues relating to the counselling professional practice. 
  6. Conduct research in the field of counselling and formulate findings in a logical and clear writing manner.


  1. Applicants must have obtained a minimum qualification of five credits at Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education or its equivalent including a pass in English language. OR
  2. Candidates must have successfully completed a level 6 Diploma in Counselling, or its equivalent in the related field from a recognized institution. OR 
  3. Special Entry: Candidates who do not have the minimum academic qualifications stated above, but have five years relevant work experience in a related field, will be considered upon satisfying the requirements of the Academic Affairs Board that might include an entrance interview. 


The programme runs over a duration of 48 months (4 years) or 8 semesters full time study Block release and Part-time student with Diplomas will take 30 months (2 and half years) 5 semesters.