Bachelor of Commerce in Travel and Tourism Course at Botswana College of Engineering and Technology (BCET)

Bachelor of Commerce in Travel and Tourism Course at Botswana College of Engineering and Technology (BCET)

What is Travel and Tourism?

Tourism is travel for pleasure or business, and the commercial activity of providing and supporting such travel. 

The programme has particular emphasis on conservation and environmental sustainability and management which are important features of development strategies globally. It strives to equip students with skills that allow them to venture into their own businesses as employers, thereby contribute to diversification of the economy. The tourism management programme is ideal for aspirational people who have a flair for languages, creativity, conceptual thinking, commercial insight and who are service-minded.

The programme is designed in close consultation with employers. Teaching is based on broad emerging needs of the economy, which increases students’ responsiveness to various challenges. The programme gives students an in-depth knowledge of the tourism industry as well as addresses the skills needs of the sector in keys areas such as destination management, tourism research, cultural and natural resource management and quality service provision. The programme is a direct response to skills gaps identified by the Tourism Industry skills audit. The aim of the programme is to provide students with up to date, relevant, challenging curriculum that reflects the complex nature of the tourism environment in Botswana. The BA (Hons) in Tourism Management degree is globally benchmarked on curriculum that is offered by Botswana Accountancy College’s international partner: Univer-sity of Derby. The University’s is ranked within the top 10 for its training in tourism and hospitality sector.


BGCSE/IGCSE – A minimum of  34 Points or 11 points in any of the following subject combinations: Maths/English, Maths/Commerce, Accounting/English, Accounting/Commerce.

3 years 6 months

CAMPUS                                                 MODE OF STUDY

Gaborone & Francistown                         Full Time & Part Time


•Use of ICT and Learning Resources
•Introduction to Financial and Cost Accounting
•Business Mathematics
•Business Communication and Academic Skills

•Global Tourism Geography
•Academic Study Skills
•Tourism and Hospitality Concepts
•Business Finance
•Human Capital Development
•Fares and Ticketing Systems

•Tourism marketing
•Enterprise development and Business Leadership
•Business Research Methods
•Tour Operations Management
• Tourism Planning and Development
•Niche Tourism

•Consumer Behaviour
•Creative e-applications
•Independent Study
•Event Tourism
•Strategic Management


A student completing the BA (Hons) in International Tourism Management can expect to find career opportunities in private and public organisations in the tourism sector. Students have opportunity to hold managerial positions (middle/senior) in large or small organisations, and can be expected to find employment in a wide range of roles within the tourism sector, including hotels, lodges, tourism marketing organisations, travel agencies, tour operations and natural resource management.

Sustainability is a central feature in on-going development debates not only in the tourism sector, but across multiple sectors. This enables graduates in tourism management to be sustainability advisors beyond the tourism sector into other companies that prioritise sustainable management of their operations. A student completing the BA (Hons) in Tourism Management degree gains immediate recognition from the Botswana Tourism
Organisation (BTO).