Bachelor of Community Development Course at Botswana College of Engineering and Technology (BCET)

Bachelor of Community Development Course at Botswana College of Engineering and Technology (BCET)

What is Community Development?

The United Nations defines community development as “a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems.” Community development empowers community members and creates stronger and more connected communities.

The Bachelor of Community Development  is designed to instil knowledge, skills and attitudes and to provide tools, all of which are focused on responding to the social and economic needs of the people  as identified by the people  themselves. Graduates in this degree programme will fit under several  employment  opportunities including in the  government as  community  development workers, social, poverty and community development policy analysts  and planners.  They will also work with the private sector  as coordinators, managers, and programme officers, social and community development workers  in Non-Governmental  Organizations  (NGOs), Community-Based Organizations  (CBOs) and Faith-Based Organizations  (FBOs) involved in poverty  reduction  programmes, natural  resource and environment  management, gender  issues, social services  delivery, HIV/AIDS control, and food security improvement.

Level 100

LCD100 Principles of Lifelong learning and Community Development (3)

LCD101 Psychology & Theories of Adult Learning (3)

LCD102 Programming in Adult Learning and Education (3)

LCD103 Sociological issues in Community development & lifelong learning (3)

LCD104 Basic Experiential Learning in Community Development Contexts (3)

LCD105 Basic tender and Contracting Skills in Community Development (3)

LCD106 Community Self-help Projects (3)

Level 200

LCD200 Basic Foundational Issues in Adult Learning and Education (3)

LCD201 Psychological Theories in Adult Learning and Education (3)

LCD202 Design and Development of Adult Learning and Education Programmes (3)

LCD203 Teaching Approaches in Non-formal, Formal and Informal Learning (3)

LCD204 Gender Issues in Lifelong Learning and Community Development (3)

LCD205 Basic Issues in Workplace Learning (3)

LCD206 Supervision in Community Development (3)

LCD207 Theoretical and Practical Approaches to Planning and Managing Community Projects (3)

LCD208 Strategies for Promoting Rural Development (3)

LCD209 Principles and Skills for Integrated Projects (3)

LCD210 Psychology and Generational Teaching in Adult Learning (3)

LCD211 Introduction to Community Entrepreneurship (3)

LCD212 Issues and Trends in Participatory Development Methods (3)

LCD213 Community Development through Adult Basic Education and Training (3)

LCD214 Lifelong Learning, Vocational Education and Training (3)

LCD215 Computers in Adult Learning and Education (3)

LCD216 Lifelong Learning and Special Groups (3)

LCD217 Lifelong Learning in the 21st Century (3)

Level 300

LCD300 Organisational Management in Community Development (3)

LCD301 Leadership Contexts in Adult Learning (3)

LCD302 Developing Human Resources for Community Development (3)

LCD303 Basic Research Design in Lifelong Learning and Community Development (3)

LCD304 Practical Contexts of Community Development and Lifelong Learning (3)

LCD305 Internationalisation of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning (3)

LCD312 Monitoring & Evaluation Approaches in Community Development (3)

LCD313 Instructional Design in Lifelong and community Learning (3)

LCD314 Counselling in Community Development (3)

LCD315 Organizational Development Approaches in Community Development (3)

LCD316 Issues in Lifelong Learning & Community Development (3)

LCD317 Sustainability in Community Development (3)

Level 400

LCD406 Global Perspectives and the Political Economy of Adult Education (3)

LCD407 Management Approaches of Community Economic Projects (3)

LCD408 Policy Contexts for Lifelong learning (3)

LCD409 Community Development and Social Exclusion (3)

LCD410 Research Projects in Lifelong Learning and Community Development (3)

LCD411 Theory and Practice of Training and Development in Adult Education and Learning (3)

LCD418 Learning Cities (3)

LCD419 Topics in Literacies (3)

LCD420 Adult Education Priorities in Human Rights and Democracy (3)

LCD421 Community Development Policies (3)

LCD422 Entrepreneurship and Community Economic Projects (3)