BIUST Courses And Requirements

Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) Courses And Requirements

Courses Offered by the School

Faculty of Sciences Programmes

The Faculty of Sciences offers a wide variety of science programmes from undergraduate to postgraduate (Phd and MSc).

BSc Biology & Biotechnology

BSc Pure & Applied Chemistry

BSc Forensic Sciences

BSc Computer Science

BSc Information Systems & Data Management

BSc Earth & Environmental Sciences

BSc Geology

BSc Environmental Sciences

BSc Pure & Applied Mathematics

BSc Statistics

BSc Physics

MSc Biological Science

MSc Chemistry

MSc Forensic Science

MSc Computer Science

MSc Information Systems & Data Management

MSc Earth & Environmental Sciences

MSc Geological Sciences

MSc Environmental Sciences

MSc Mathematics

Faculty of Engineering and Technology Programmes

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology offers a wide variety of engineering programmes from undergraduate to postgraduate (Phd and MEng).

PhD Mining Engineering

PhD Mechatronics & Industrial Instrumentation Engineering

PhD Computer & Telecommunications Engineering

PhD Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

PhD Materials & Metallurgical Engineering

PhD Geological Engineering

PhD Electrical & Electronics Engineering

PhD Civil & Environmental Engineering

PhD Chemical Engineering

MEng Mechatronics & Industrial Instrumentation Engineering

MEng Mechanical & Energy Engineering

MEng Mining Engineering

MEng Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

MEng Computer & Telecommunications Engineering

MEng Geological Engineering

MEng Electrical & Electronics Engineering

MEng Materials & Metallurgical Engineering

MEng Chemical Engineering

MEng Civil & Environmental Engineering

BEng Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

BEng Mechatronics & Industrial Instrumentation Engineering

BEng Mechanical & Energy Engineering

BEng Energy Engineering

BEng Mining Engineering

BEng Geological Engineering

BEng Computer & Telecommunications Engineering

BEng Electrical & Electronics Engineering

BEng Materials & Metallurgical Engineering

BEng Chemical Engineering

BEng Civil & Environmental Engineering

Undergraduate Programmes Offered by BIUST

Engineering deals with design, development, implementation, operation and maintenance of industrial/production systems.

BEng in Chemical, Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
BEng in Civil and Environmental Engineering
BEng in Computer and Telecommunications Engineering
BEng in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
BEng in Geological Engineering
BEng in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
BEng in Mechanical and Energy Engineering
BEng in Mechatronics and Industrial Instrumentation
BEng in Mining Engineering

The Faculty of Sciences offer degree programmes that are important fields of study. It emphasises applications to the real world and links with industry, commerce.

The Faculty of Sciences courses are;

BSc in Geological Sciences

BSc in Environmental Sciences

BSc in Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

BSc in Physics and Astronomy

BSc in Chemical and Forensic Sciences

BSc in Biological and Biotechnological Science

BSc in Computer and Information Technology.

Postgraduate Programmes Offered by BIUST

List of Approved Programmes

Master of Engineering/ PHD, Chemical Engineering

Master of Engineering/ PHD, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Master of Engineering/ PHD, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering

Master of Engineering/ PHD, Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Master of Engineering/ PHD, Geological Engineering

Master of Engineering/ PHD, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Master of Engineering/ PHD, Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Master of Engineering/ PHD, Mechatronics and Industrial Instrumentation

Master of Engineering/ PHD, Mining Engineering

Master of Engineering/ PHD, Materials and Metallurgical Engineering

Master of Science/ PHD, Biology and Biotechnology

Master of Science/ PHD, Computer Science

Master of Science/ PHD, Geological Sciences

Master of Science/ PHD, Environmental Sciences

Master of Science/ PHD, Forensic Sciences

Master of Science/ PHD, Geology

Masterof Science/ PHD, Information Systems and Data Management

Master of Science/ PHD, Physics

Master of Science/ PHD, Pure and Applied Chemistry

Master of Science/ PHD, Statistics

Master of Science/ PHD, Pure and Applied Mathematics

BIUST Undergraduate Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

Prospective students aspiring to be admitted into a particular programme at BIUST must meet the minimum entry requirements.The Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) grade system is calculated as follows:

Entry Into First Year

The University considers and assesses every application on its own merits, taking into account the relevance of qualifications and experience each student has.

For students with a Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) or equivalent, the following minimum requirements will apply for undergraduate degree programmes:

  •  A credit in at least six subjects in BGCSE or equivalent. These subjects must include a minimum of Pass (D) in English and at least a Credit (C) in Mathematics plus two science subjects.
  • BGCSE holders or equivalent should possess a minimum of 20 points from any of Mathematics, and Physics and/or Chemistry and/or Biology or Science double award.
  • A minimum combined points score for admission from the six subjects (including Mathematics, English, two science subjects or Science Double Award, must be above 38 points based on the points scores in the following table:

Direct Entry Into Second Year

  • The University will consider A-level holders and those who have already completed year one (1) BSc General at any recognised University for direct entry into second year.
  •  Furthermore, applicants in possession of year one (1) BSc General or equivalent, are required to have attained at least 40 BGCSE points or equivalent and must have obtained an average of at least 65% without resits or retakes in their BSc transcript.
  •  A-level holders are required to possess, in addition to the general  minimum entry requirements, 2 A-level grades with a C or better in Maths, and in one of Physics or Chemistry or Biology.
  • Diploma holders will also be considered on the relevance of their prior programmes of study to their programmes of interest

The University reserves the right to ask prospective students to sit a pre-admission exam if required. Please note that these are the only minimum entry requirements, and certain programmes may have additional entry requirements. Information on additional requirements is available from the Admissions Office

The BGCSE grade system is calculated as follows:


An example of calculating best 6 subjects:

 Key subjectsMinimum GradeBest 6 subjects Overall Points
FIRST YEAR ENTRYMathematicsC  38
Double SciencesBB

For second year entry:

MathematicsC    40
NB: Points for Double Award Sciences are doubled Eg. Grade BB=14 Points

BIUST Postgraduate Entry Requirements

For Masters (MEng & MSc) and Doctorate (PhD) programmes, we require the following:

1. Letter of Motivation
A letter of motivation should indicate the following:
a) Description of your background. (This should briefly highlight your grades, what classes you took and
where you studied)
b) Description of your research interests, experiences and motivation
c) Indicate the degree of creativity and intellectual integrity
           NB: For PhD applicants, a Research Proposal is required.

2. Certified Copy of Degree Certificate and Official Transcripts

3. Certified Copy of ID or Passport

4. Completed Application Form

5. Application Fee

a) P200 for SADC Residents
b) P400 for Non SADC Residents

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