Botho University (BU) Student Hostel (Accommodation)

Botho University (BU) Student Hostel (Accommodation)

The Student Housing Unit deals with the allocation of residences and is responsible for the welfare of residents in student accommodation.

Office of Staff, Student & Outreach

The Office of Staff & Student Outreach (OSSO) is made up of the Human Resources Department and the Students and Alumni Affairs Department (SAAD), through which a broad spectrum of services to the staff, students, alumni and community is implemented. This office espouses the spirit of positive social change for development of individuals and the community at large.

Providing quality educational experience is the primary mandate of the SAAD Department. The departments offer services such as counseling, career development and guidance, internships, job placements, sports, culture and recreation, student’s grievance handling and resolution etc. Botho University establishes a lasting relationship with its graduates and alumni through the Botho University Alumni Association (BUAA).

OSSO is an intrinsic part of the community; therefore, we value the mutual partnership that exists between BU and the community. Consequently, our staff, students and alumni are actively engaged in community support initiatives that exist through partnerships with local, regional and international stakeholders. In a nutshell, OSSO exists to nurture raw talent into morally upright, well-rounded and employable graduates!!

Students and Alumni Affairs Department (SAAD)

This is a student centered department that enhances out of classroom education through quality support services and programmes. Services offered by the department include:

  • Counseling Services: This unit is available to provide students with psychosocial support, career counseling and academic advising.
  • Student Relations: The Student Relations Unit ensures good relations between the students and the university, as well as promoting student governance by overseeing Student Representative Council (SRC) operations.
  • Grievance Handling: This unit provides students with a platform to lodge complaints when they feel that they have been unfairly treated.
  • Special Needs Support: The Special Needs Unit manages the welfare of students with special learning needs. The services include special accommodation during exams, in the classroom and resource lab/centre among others.
  • Internships, Graduate Placement & Career Development: This unit links students with appropriate internship opportunities and graduates with employment opportunities. The unit is also responsible for helping students determine and fulfill their career goals through various programs, services, and resources.
  • Alumni Engagement: The Alumni Relations Unit aims to foster a lifelong relationship between the university and its graduates. Its intention is to build strong networks with graduates through Career Development Support, Lifelong Learning and Career Fairs.
  • Health and Wellness: This unit manages the health and wellness of students and staff. It oversees the operations of the University Clinic and carries out medical emergency evacuations. Some of the services provided include assistance with minor illness, referrals to major clinics and hospitals, management of HIV and AIDS interventions, campaigns as well as other wellness programmes.
  • Personal Development & Leadership Initiatives: SAA is mandated to teach students life skills which enable them to cope with life in the university and beyond by managing and administering the following: development workshops, First Year Experience (FYE), mentorship, motivation sessions and leadership trainings.
  • Sports, Culture and Recreation: This unit supports academic performance and personal success by promoting welfare and wellness through talent enhancement and management. Through the sporting and non-sporting clubs, this unit contributes to the development of each student in relation to the Botho Graduate Profile. The clubs include but are not limited to: Sporting Clubs (soccer, netball, volleyball, basketball, athletics etc.) and Non – Sporting Clubs (drama, Christian movement, debate, choir, bridge etc.)
  • Community Engagement: BU is committed to the improvement of people’s lives in the community through skills development, entrepreneurship and community empowerment. This division encourages students to plan and implement programmes and/or activities aimed at addressing needs and situations being faced in the community with emphasis on instilling the Botho values of volunteerism and the spirit of giving and compassion.
  • Student Housing: This unit deals with the allocation of residences and is responsible for the welfare of residents in student accommodation.
  • Welfare of International Students: This unit keeps a database of all international students, ensuring their welfare and access to all the relevant information. It is also responsible for managing all logistical matters in the student exchange programmes.
  • Entrepreneurship Development: The Entrepreneurship Laboratory (eLab) was established to provide a supportive ecosystem for students aspiring to harness their innovative skills for entrepreneurial benefits. It serves to help students identify current issues, problems, and needs that require practical applications. The eLab focuses on promoting creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship on an experiential and interactive level.

Human Resources Department

Services under HR include:

  • Staff Welfare
  • Training and Development
  • Payroll
  • Recruitment, Selection and Placement

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