BTEP Certificate in Applied Laboratory Science Course at Francistown College of Education (FCTVE)

BTEP Certificate in Applied Laboratory Science Course at Francistown College of Education (FCTVE)

What is Laboratory Science?

A laboratory is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific or technological research, experiments, and measurement may be performed.

Programme Structure

Semester 1

BIO111 Principles of Biology (4)
MAT111 Introductory Mathematics (4)
CHE101 General Chemistry I (4)
COM101 Communication and Academic Literacy Skills (Health Sciences and Pre-Med) (3)
ICT121 Computer Skills Fundamentals I (2)

Optional Course

PHY112 Geometrical Optics, Mechanics, Vibrations and Waves (4)

Semester 2

BIO112 Diversity of Plants and Animals (4)
MAT122 Introductory Mathematics II (4) [Prerequisites MAT111]
CHE102 General Chemistry II (4) [Prerequisites CHE101]
COM102 Health Communication (Health Sciences and Pre-Med) (3)
ITC122 Computer Skills Fundamentals II (2) [Prerequisites GEC121]

Optional Course

PHY122 Electricity and Magnetism (4)

Semester 3

PHY161 Physics for Nurses (3)
BIO211 Cell Biology (3)
BIO212 Genetics (3)
BIO231 Human Anatomy (3)
MLS201 Clinical Laboratory Instrumentation (3)

Semester 4

BIO232 Human Physiology (3)
MLS202 Laboratory Quality Management Systems (3)
MLS203 Medical Virology (3)
MLS204 Introduction to Immunology and Serology(3)
MLS205 Medical Parasitology (3)

Semester 5

MLS206 Medical Bacteriology I (3)
MLS207 Haematology I (3)
MLS208 Immunohematology and Blood
Transfusion Techniques (3) [Prerequisites MLS204]
MLS209 Clinical Chemistry I (3)
MLS210 Principles of Molecular Diagnostics (3) [Prerequisites BIO212, MLS203]

Semester 6, Winter Semester and Semester 7

MLS301 Bacteriology, Serology and Parasitology Practicum (10) [Prerequisites MLS205, MLS206]
MLS302 Virology and Flow Cytometry Practicum(6) [Prerequisites MLS203, MLS204,MLS210]
MLS303 Haematology and Blood Bank Practicum (10) [Prerequisites MLS204, MLS207, MLS208]
MLS304 Blood Transfusion Practice Practicum (4) [Prerequisites MLS204, MLS208]
MLS305 Clinical Chemistry Practicum (10) [Prerequisites MLS201, MLS209]

Semester 8

MLS401 Medical Bacteriology II (3) [Prerequisites MLS207, MLS301]
MLS402 Haematology II (30 [Prerequisites MLS208, MLS303]
MLS403 Clinical Chemistry II (3) [Prerequisites MLS 210, MLS305]
MLS404 Introduction to Biostatistics (3)
MLS405 Research Methods and Proposal Writing (3)

Semester 9

MLS406 Clinical Immunology (3) [Prerequisites MLS205]
MLS407 Laboratory Management and Education (3)
MLS408 Special Microbiology and Medical Mycology (3) [Prerequisites MLS206,MLS401]
MLS409 Research Project (3) [Prerequisites MLS404, MLS405]

Optional Course (3)

Optional Course Menu

ENH222 Epidemiology (3)
FHS200 Health Informatics (3)
LAW441 Law and Health Care (3)
ELC451 Resource Management in Africa (3)
ECO474 Health Economics (3)