BTEP Certificate in Clothing Design and Textiles Course at Francistown College of Education (FCTVE)

BTEP Certificate in Clothing Design and Textiles Course at Francistown College of Education (FCTVE)

What is Clothing Design and Textiles?

Textile and Apparel Design, commonly referred to as Fashion Design, relates the physical properties of textiles to our human need for functional and fashionable clothing and home accessories.

Fashion and textile design is about creating a cohesive and finished appearance that can convey sophistication, be it through clothing or interior design. If you want to learn about this specialised field of design and why you should take up a qualification in this field, continue reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HND fashion and textiles about?

This HND Fashion Textiles course is a highly creative, design-led course that embraces all aspects of surface decoration, fabric construction, drawing and design development related to fashion, interior, and accessory design. This includes print, knit, weave, embroidery and garment and product construction skills.

What is textile design studies?

Textile design is a design specialisation that involves creating designs for printed, woven, knitted, or surface ornamented fabrics. Textile design as a field encompasses the entire process in which raw material is used to make finished products.

What is the difference between clothing and textile and fashion design?

Fashion designing is a vast design course that encompasses multiple streams of designs like accessories, leather, jewellery, and more. It involves creating outfits and accessories that have a style statement. Textile designing focuses more on the structure and patterns of different fabrics.

What can I do with an HND in fashion design?

Career Opportunities

Your career in the industry could lead to roles such as Design Room Assistant, Pattern Cutter, Freelance Designer, Production Assistant, Garment Technologist, Stylist, Fashion Allocator, Merchandiser, Buyer, Retail Manager.

Is clothing and textile a science course?

The Textile Science option provides you with a broad knowledge base in both the physical and social sciences, as related to the study of textiles, clothing and design.

Which course is best for textile?

Popular Textile Designing Courses After 12th are BA in Textile Design, BDes Fashion Design, BTech Textile Engineering, and Diploma in Textile Design.

Can a textile designer become a fashion designer?

If an individual has suitable skills like creative thinking ability, knowledge of human anatomy, sewing etc. they can become a Fashion Designer after completing a Textile Designing course.

Which grade is needed in fashion and design?

If you haven’t completed matric, then you can opt for a short course in fashion design. For this, you will need to have a Grade 7 completion, and may require certain skill sets such as sewing.

Is fashion design course hard?

Fashion designing has become an extremely popular career choice for today’s youth. Becoming a fashion designer is not easy as it takes many years to complete the course and then a few years in the industry to find your feet.