Courses Offered by New Era College of Arts, Science, and Technology

New Era College of Arts, Science, and Technology Courses Offered

New Era College was founded on a profound conviction to create an environment of excellence, culminating in a high standard of education and training. At New Era College, our primary focus is to prepare every student with the necessary tools to cope with the demands of an ever-changing world.

List of Courses Offered by the New Era College of Arts, Science, and Technology

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Programmes

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) Programme

Telecommunications and Systems

  • Advanced Diploma in Telecommunication Systems

Business Management

  • Advanced Diploma in Accommodation And Operation Services

Corporate Learning/Part-Time & Weekend Classes

Engineering Programmes

  • Electrical & Electronics Engineeing (Degree, Advanced Diploma, Diploma & Certificate)
  • Telecommunication Systems (Degree, Advanced Diploma, Diploma & Certificate)
  • Construction Industry (Advanced Diploma, Diploma & Certificate)

Hospitality Programmes  (Advanced Diploma, Diploma & Certificate)

  • Travel, Tourism & Hospitality
  • Accommodation Operations & Services
  • Reception & Front Office Services

Business Programmes (Certificate)

  • Business Management
  • International Tourism
  • Business Information Systems
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Financial Accounting

Faculty of Commerce

  • Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting

Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Management

Certificate in Computerised Accounting & Finance

Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management

Bachelor of Commerce in Business Information Technology Management

Bachelor of Commerce in Supply Chain Management

Bachelor of Business Administration in Logistics and Transport Management

Faculty of Special and Inclusive Education

  • Bachelor of Education in Inclusive Education

Faculty of Forensic Science

  • Bachelor of Science in Forensic Financial Accounting

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