Diploma In Social Work Course at Bosa Bosele Training Institute (BBTI)

Diploma In Social Work Course at Bosa Bosele Training Institute (BBTI)

What is Diploma In Social Work Course ?

This course examines psychosocial theories and models underlying social work practice with a focus on the principles and dynamics of casework. It focuses on problem identification through to assessment to intervention planning, intervention, termination and…

Diploma In Social Work Course at Bosa Bosele Training Institute (BBTI)

The Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work is an academic and professional qualification where you will experience an integration of practice and research. Social workers have a key role in working with other professionals to offer support to some of society’s most vulnerable citizens.

Programme Information

  • Programme PriceP40 795.00
  • Programme Duration2 Years


This diploma provides you with a sound knowledge of the political, behavioural and social sciences, and equips you with the skills to work in a range of fields in social work and human services.

It has been developed around four major areas of study: social work theory, social work practice and skills, social policy and social research.

This is a valuable learning opportunity where you will build industry networks and further enhance practical skills for candidates who already have an introcutory teaching and supporting learning qualification.

Programme Outline

Year 1Semester 1SWWS-311Introduction to Social Work, Social Werlfare and Social ServicesPSY-312Introduction to PsychologySOC-313Introduction to Sociological perspectivesIPCS-314Interpersonal and communication skillsICS-315Introduction to computing
Year 1Semester 2DSWP-321Direct Social Work PracticeSWVP-322Social Work With Vulnerable PopulationsSP-323Introduction to Social PolicyCNSL-324CounselingSTA-325Elementary StatisticsCP-326Community Practice
Year 2Semester 1GWP-331Social Group Work PracticeSWSD-332Social Work and Social DevelopmentSWSC-333Social Work and Social ChangeSWTF-334Social Work Theory and Field Work Practice
Year 2Semester 2NAGW-341Needs Assessments and Grant WritingSPSY-342Introduction to Social PsychologySWH-343Social Work, Health and HIV/AIDSMSSW-344Management and Supervision in Social Work

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Social Worker in Botswana?

Entry Requirements

  1. Botswana General Certificate for Secondary Education (BGCSE), NCQF level 4, or equivalent qualification. OR.
  2. Certificate III, NCQF level 3, with two years’ work experience in social work or related areas will be considered for entry under RPL policy.

How much do social workers get paid in Botswana?

BWP 152,208 per year

The estimated total pay for a Social Worker at Republic of Botswana is BWP 152,208 per year.

What can I do with my diploma in Social Work?

Social work careers

  • Social Worker.
  • Care Home Manager.
  • Education Welfare Officer.
  • Family Support Worker.
  • Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner.
  • Probation Officer.
  • Youth Offending Team Officer.

What is the role of a social worker in Botswana?

Social workers assist people by helping them cope with and solve issues in their everyday lives, such as family and personal problems and dealing with relationships.