GIPS Courses Offered | Gaborone Institute of Professional Studies (GIPS)

Gaborone Institute of Professional Studies (GIPS) Courses Offered

GIPS offers broad and balanced faculties to equip students with up-to-date, high quality and relevant knowledge based and practical courses.

Degree Courses

We offer fully accredited 4 year Degree Courses from Faculty of Information Technology , Faculty of Accounting & Finance, Faculty of Business Management and Marketing to Faculty of Tourism Management.

Diploma Courses

We offer diploma and advanced diploma programmes with varied length of study. Advanced diploma courses are cartegorised in Engineering & Accounting whilst Diploma courses we offer information technology.

Certificate Courses

We offer training across a variety of industries, fields and careers. Our Certificates run from 2 to 7 months to help you expand your career horizon and turn that IDEA into a business. Our courses are categorized into Information Technology, Marketing , Accounting and Fashion & Lifestyle Design.

Faculty of Information Technology Courses Offered

The Faculty of Information Technology will be equip you and apply wide range of software, technical skills required in fast growing IT industry. IT Courses Offered:

  • Certificate in Information Communication Technology| Duration: 7 months
  • NCC International Certificate in Computer Studies ( Level 3) | Duration: 7 months¬†
  • NCC Diploma in Computing (Level 4) | Duration: 1 year
  • NCC Diploma in Computing (Level 4) | Duration 1 year
  • NCC Diploma in Computing (Level 5) | Duration: 1 year
  • Cyber Security¬† (NCC) | Duration: 4 months
  • Data Science (NCC) | Duration : 4 months

Faculty of Business Management & Marketing COurses Offered

Expand your career horizon and secure your future by developing competitive skills to help you turn that IDEA into a Business with our Certificate , Diploma and Degree Courses.

Courses Offered:
   Certificate Courses | Duration 7 months

  • Certificate in Secretarial Studies | Certificate in Business Skills | Certificate in Project Management | Certificate in Travel & Tourism | Certificate in Business Management | Certificate in Human Resource Management | Certificate in Marketing Management | Certificate in Entreprenuership | Certificate in Public Administration | Certificate in Strategic Management
  • Occupation Health & Safety | Duration 2 days

      Diploma Course | Duration : 2 years

  • Diploma in Entreprenuership¬†

Degree Courses | Duration : 4 years

  • Bachelor of Business Admin in Business Management
  • Bachelor of Business Admin in Marketing
  • Bachelor of Business Admin in Strategic Management
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Retail Management

Faculty of Accounting & Finance Courses Offered

The Faculty of Accounting & Finance degree courses targets aspiring accountants willing to learn, persuade using numbers, with a focus on teamwork and developing strategies from financial data.


  • Certificate in Accounting & Finance | Duration : 7 months
  • Foundation Certificate in Accounting (AAT Level 2)
  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting (AAT Level 3) | Duration: 7 months
  • Professional Diploma In Accounting (AAT Level 4) | Duration: 1 year

Faculty of Engineering Courses Offered

Engineer your future with advanced Diploma Engineering courses, designed to suit the needs of Engineers and aspiring Engineers from varied backgrounds.

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