Ground handling Services in Botswana

Ground handling Services in Botswana

What is Ground handling Services?

In aviation, the term “ground handling” refers to the wide range of services provided to facilitate an aircraft flight or aircraft ground repositioning, preparation for and upon conclusion of a flight which will include both customer service and ramp service functions.

Ground handling Services in Botswana

Aircraft Ground Handling Headquarters.

Office 0006, SSKIA Terminal Building, Gaborone.

Tel: +267 3918926 / + 267 71 847 243.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 5 major categories of ground handling services?

A. Five major categories of ground handling services are refueling aircraft, marshalling and parking, towing aircraft, luggage handling etc. 

What services are included in ground handling?

Ground Handling (Baggage and Cargo Loading & Unloading, Aircraft Marshaling, Aircraft Cleanup Services, In-flight Meal Loading) We contract various ground handling operations in airports such as baggage and cargo loading and unloading, aircraft marshaling, aircraft cleanup services, and in-flight meal loading.

Who employs ground handlers?

Services such as check-in and baggage handling are contracted to ground handling agents at airports by the operating airlines.

Which is the biggest ground handling company in the world?

Swissport is the world’s largest provider of cargo and aircraft ground handling in the aviation industry.

How do you become a ground handler?

You could train for this role through an intermediate apprenticeship as an aviation ground operative or an aviation ground handler. This will usually take 12 months to complete. You’ll do on-the-job training and spend time at a college or training provider.

How does ground handling work at an airport?

Ground handlers are responsible for sorting baggage and freight. Their duties involve identification of the baggage’s ultimate destination and transferring it to the right location. The experts must also observe the instructions associated with handling of the special cargo.

Which course is best for ground staff?

In order to pursue a career as a Ground staff the candidates are required to take up various aviation management courses at the Diploma, UG and PG level.

Who employs airport baggage handlers?

The Transportation Security Administration is responsible for providing the equipment and personnel to screen passengers and baggage at every airport, and responding to increases in passenger load Airports work with local TSA officials to improve security checkpoints.

Is ground handling a good career?

This could be a good career option. As Engineering ground Support Services you would be working in the Technical Stores, Technical Planning, Technical Services and even in the Quality departments. This could be a good career option for an Engineering graduate, especially Aeronautical Engineers.

Do baggage handlers work for airlines?

Baggage handlers work either directly for an airline or an aviation services company that is contracted to the airline, not the airport.

Is airport ground staff a good job?

Pursuing a career as an airline ground staff can allow you to work in the travel industry. An airline ground staff member generally takes care of the passengers before, during and after boarding an aircraft. A ground staff job in airlines may be an excellent fit for you if you are interested in client servicing.1

What are ground staff jobs in airport?

Liaise with warehouse staff and driver. Maintenance, and cleanliness of hangar, grounds, ramp, and other facility. Build up and breakdown of cargo pallets. Assist with baggage and cargo.