Higher Certificate in Marketing Management Course at Megasize College

Higher Certificate in Marketing Management Course at Megasize College

What is Marketing Management?

Marketing management is the organizational discipline which focuses on the practical application of marketing orientation, techniques and methods inside enterprises and organizations and on the management of a firm’s marketing resources and activities.

This is a 4 years programme that focusses on developing skills, knowledge and practices that are linked to industry expectations. You will experience this first-hand in core and optional marketing courses, by examining case studies, and through attachment opportunities in industry or on industry-based projects.  Through a comprehensive understanding of marketing and markets, you will gain leading-edge thinking, and the latest tools and techniques to help you create a competitive edge and build your career in a wide range of industries and organisations. You will gain vital skills for careers that could see you develop highly competitive business services, products and operations; building brands; growing sales, engaging consumers, and creating customer loyalty.

Course Requirements

The course MKT100 is a prerequisite for all MKT courses.

Level 100

Semester 1 

COM121 Communication and Academic Literacy Skills (3 credits)
ICT121 Computing and Information Skills Fundamentals 1 (2 credits)
PSY101 Introduction to Psychology (3 credits)
ECO111 Basic Microeconomics (3 credits)
STA101 Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences I (3 credits)
STA116 Introduction to Statistics (4 credits)

Semester 2 

COM122 Professional Communication (Business) (3 credits)
ICT122 Computing and Information Skills Fundamentals II (2 credits, pre-req. ICT121)
ACC100 Introduction to Accounting (3 credits)
ECO112 Basic Macroeconomics (3 credits)
MKT100 Principles of Marketing (3 credits)
STA102 Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences II (3 credits, pre-req. STA101)

Level 200

Semester 3

MKT202 Distribution Management (3 credits)
MGT100 Principles of Management (3 credits)
ACC201 Introduction to Cost Accounting (3 credits, pre-req. ACC 100)
FIN200 Business Finance (3 credits, pre-req. ACC 100)
LAW251 Foundations of Business Law (3 credits)

Semester 4

MKT204 Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy (3 credits)
MKT201 Consumer Behavior Theory and Practice (3 credits)
STA114 Business Statistics I (3 credits)
Elective (3 credits)
Option (3 credits)

Level 300

Semester 5

Core Courses

MGT300 Human Resource Management (3 credits, pre-req. MGT200)
MKT300 International Marketing (3 credits)
Options (6 credits)
GEC / Elective (3 credits)

Semester 6

Core Courses

MKT310 Marketing Research Methods (3 credits)
MKT315 Pricing Strategy (3 credits)
Option (6 credits)
GEC / Elective (3 credits)

Level 400

Semester 7

MKT443 Industrial Attachment (3 credits)
MKT409 Brand Management (3 credits)
Options (6 credits)
GEC/ /Elective (3 credits)

Semester 8

MKT444 Research Project (4 credits, pre-req. MKT 310)
MKT410 Marketing Management and Strategy (3 credits)
MGT303 Entrepreneurship and New Business Development (3 credits, pre-req. MGT202)
Options (6 credits)
GEC/Elective (3 credits)

Optional Courses

Students can take any of the under-listed optional courses at levels 2, 3 or 4. The number of optional courses offered shall depend on availability of staff.

MGL203 Principles of Purchasing (3 credits)
BIS205 Information Technology (3 credits, pre-req. BIS100)
MGT203 Quantitative Methods for Business (3 credits, pre-req. STA 114, STA116)

MGT320 Organizational Development and Change (3 credits, pre-req. MGT 100)
ECO211 Intermediate Microeconomics For Business (3 credits, pre-req. ECO111)
MKT303 Strategic Sales Management (3 credits)
MKT304 Advertising Management (3 credits, pre-req. MKT204)
MKT309 Internet Marketing (3 credits)
MKT311 Strategic Retail Management (3 credits pre-req. MKT 202)
MKT312 Public Relations Strategy (3 credits pre-req. MKT 204)
MKT313 Services Marketing Theory and Practice (3 credits)
MKT314 Business to Business Marketing Practice(3 credits)
MKT406 Marketing Ethics (3 credits)
MKT408 Contemporary Issues in Marketing (3 credits)
MKT411 Global Business Strategy (3 credits)
MKT412 Managing Marketing Relationships (3 credits)
MKT413 Applied Marketing Research (3 credits, pre-req. MKT 310)
MKT414 Social Marketing (3 credits)
MKT 415 Tourism and Hospitality Marketing (3 credits)