Higher National Diploma in Secretarial Course at Francistown College of Education (FCTVE)

Higher National Diploma in Secretarial Course at Francistown College of Education (FCTVE)

What is Secretarial?

A person who works in an office and prepares letters, keeps records, schedules meetings, and makes other arrangements for a particular person or for an organization.

Students enrolled in this program earn a Diploma in Office Management. The Diploma in Office Management is a continuation of the certificate in Office Management. The program is designed to prepare students for careers as professional secretaries working in an office and administrative service environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the qualification of secretarial?

High school diploma or GED. 2+ years of clerical experience. Knowledge of specific software programs used within your organization. Experience in data processing, bookkeeping or other skills you need to have performed.

What is the good qualification of secretary?

Honesty and discretion. Efficient time-management skills. A flair for championing a team ethic. The ability to cope with pressure, deadlines and multitasking.

Where can I study secretarial?

Certificate in Secretarial studies – Machakos Institute of Technology (MIT)

Which course is the best for personal secretary?

Diploma in Personal Secretaryship, Office Management Course, Common secretary courses include those in keyboarding. word processing, business math, business English, records management, transcription and office operations.

What are secretarial duties?


Secretarial assignments include such duties as office coordination, scheduling meetings, preparing and maintaining office records, reports, and correspondence pertaining to the professional(s)’s and/or management staff’s area of responsibility.

Where can a secretary work?

Secretaries can work in various settings, including corporate offices, hospitals, schools, government agencies and law firms. Smaller companies may have one secretary, while larger firms may employ a team of administrative assistants.

Can you be a secretary with no experience?

You don’t need to have any experience to become an entry-level secretary. That’s because most companies will provide on-the-job training. However, prior experience is more favoured. Training is likely to last a few weeks for a standard secretarial role.

How do I apply for a secretarial job?

Dear [Mr./Ms./Mx.] [Manager’s Name], Please accept my enclosed application for the position of secretary at [Company Name]. Having read through your job description, I am certain that I would be a fantastic fit for your organization after my numerous accomplishments and nine years of secretarial experience.

What is the highest level of secretary?

An executive secretary may supervise clerical staff, whereas a secretary does not have supervision responsibilities. An executive secretary often reports directly to the chief executive officer, and may support one or more senior executives.

How should a secretary dress?

When in doubt, business professional is the default. Shirts are collared and buttoned, and blouses should be conservative and professional. Slacks should be free from wrinkles and be in office-appropriate colors. Knee-length, simple dresses and skirts are appropriate for business professional.