How to Get a Building Permit in Botswana

How to Get a Building Permit in Botswana

What is a Building Permit ?

A building permit is an official approval to construct a new building or expand or remodel an existing one. Its purpose is to ensure that the construction project follows all relevant regulations, including building standards, land use, and environmental protection.

How to Get a Building Permit in Botswana

  1. Submit a permit application to the building official/building department. This process may include specific building plans and studies.
  2. Prepare the applicable plan drawings.
  3. Prepare for the plan approval process.
  4. Obtain the permit.
  5. Schedule the building inspections.
  6. Final Approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you construct without a building permit?

No person, firm or corporation, including any agency or instrumentality of the government shall erect, construct, alter, repair, move, convert, or demolish any building or structure or cause the same to be done without first obtaining a building permit therefor from the Building Official assigned in the place where the …

Which 2 structures are not required to pay building permit fees?

Exempted from the payment of building permit fees are: (1) public buildings and (2) traditional indigenous family dwellings.

Do I need a permit to build a house on my property?

Furthermore, a Building Permit is required not just for house construction, but for house renovation as well. This permit ensures that the building or house and lot for sale to be constructed follows the proper building codes that will ensure that the house or property can withstand natural disasters and the like.

How long do building plans take to be approved?

Building plans generally take up to three months to be approved, depending on the municipality. Sometimes, it can take six months to a year before being approved or referred. To ensure your plans are approved on time, be sure to follow up regularly with the municipality.

What happens if you build without permission?

Any building that is built without these approvals will invite penalty in the form of fines and even prosecution. 3.

How much is the penalty for building permit?

“They may apply for building permits even if the structures are already existing, but they have to pay the penalty of PHP10,000 for constructing without building permit,” she said.

How long is the building permit valid?

For the short answer, yes, a building permit does expire, but only if the project meets any of the two (2) conditions: Construction work did not commence one (1) year after the issuance. Construction work started but got suspended or abandoned, and it has been 120 days since the last site activity.

Who are exempted in building permits?

The National Building Code of the Philippines states that an exemption to the National Building Code of the Philippines states that traditional indigenous family dwellings and public buildings are exempted from building permit fees.

How many square Metres can you build without a permit?

Buildings bigger than 30 square metres

If your new garden shed storage or sleepout is more than 30 square metres in floor area then you will most likely need a consent.

Can you start building while waiting for planning permission?

Not all building projects require planning permission. However, if you build something that would ordinarily require consent, but you did not apply for permission before work began, you will need to make a retrospective application.

How long can a building be built without planning permission?

By law, a planning permission may expire after a certain period of time that is usually set out in the planning condition. Unless a planning permission says otherwise, the applicant has three years from the date of it being granted to begin development.