How to Register a Group of Companies in Botswana

How to Register a Group of Companies in Botswana

What is Group of Companies?

A corporate group or group of companies is a collection of parent and subsidiary corporations that function as a single economic entity through a common source of control. These types of groups are often managed by an account manager. 

How to Register a Group of Companies in Botswana

  1. ep 1: Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  2. Step 2: Director Identification Number (DIN)
  3. Step 3: Registration on the MCA Portal.
  4. Step 4: Certificate of Incorporation.
  5. Step 1: Purchase the plan.
  6. Step 2: Upload the documents to our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a foreigner register a company in Botswana?

There are 2 main ways in which a foreign company can set up a place of business in Botswana: incorporate a company in terms of the Companies Act [Cap 42:01] (the Companies Act); or. register as an external company (also referred to as a branch).

What is a Group of companies called?

A conglomerate is a corporation made up of several different, independent businesses. In a conglomerate, one company owns a controlling stake in smaller companies that each conduct business operations separately. Conglomerates can be created in several ways, including mergers or acquisitions.

How many companies make a Group of companies?


According to CAMA, a Group of companies comprises of three or more associated companies with common shareholders and similar names. These companies become the shareholders of the distinct “Group” company.

How much is to register a company in Botswana?


Different Botswana entity typesCostDraft Invoice
LLCUS$23,455View invoice PDF
PLCUS$13,505View invoice PDF
BranchUS$15,600View invoice PDF
Representative officeUS$9,850View invoice PDF

How do you know if a company is a group?

A group structure is created when a company (directly or indirectly) owns one or more other company. The company at the top of the structure is called a parent or holding company and can have several subsidiaries beneath it. All companies in the group are under the ultimate ownership and control of the parent company.

What do you call a company that owns multiple companies?

What is a Holding Company? A holding company is a company (usually a corporation) that owns a controlling interest in one or more companies, called subsidiaries. A holding company might be called an “umbrella” company or a parent company.

What is the advantage of group company?

One of the main advantages of a group structure over separate companies with common ownership is that, subject to various conditions being met, group companies have the benefit of a number of tax exemptions and reliefs between them.

How long does it take to register a company in Botswana?

This should take about 7 days. Procure an Industrial Licence from the Industrial Affairs Department or a trade licence from the City Council. Open a corporate bank account for the company. Obtain a Tax Identification Number (TIN) from the Botswana Revenue Service, and fill a taxpayer registration form.

What percentage is a group company?

The general rule is that a company, referred to as the principal company of the group, and all its 75% subsidiaries form a group, together with any 75% subsidiaries of those subsidiaries, and so on.

What is the purpose of group of companies?

Creating a group of companies can give you the freedom to pull separate channels of the same market together for a bigger overall share. 2. You can tailor your services to smaller groups of clientele.

What are the risks of working in a group?

There are some common issues that may arise when working in a group: Poor communication. Personal issues. Unequal contribution.

Poor communication

  • making assumptions.
  • misinterpreting what’s being discussed.
  • not understanding what they need to do.
  • working on the wrong task.
  • failing to work well together.