How to Register a Logo in Botswana

How to Register a Logo in Botswana

What is Logo Register?

A trademark is a type of intellectual property consisting of a recognizable sign, design, or expression that identifies products or services from a particular source and distinguishes them from others. The trademark owner can be an individual, business organization, or any legal entity.

How to Register a Logo in Botswana

To register a Trademark in Botswana, you have to submit your complete application to the Company and Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA) office. View the CIPA contact details in the “Office Locations & Contacts” section below
Obtain the registration form 11 from the CIPA’s office or you can download the form for their website:Link( Click on “Application for Registration of a Trademark” to download the form)
Complete the application form 11 accordingly. Note that on Part V of the application form, please include the list of goods and or services on which you plan to use your trademark, according to the Nice Classification. You can download the nice classification via this link: Link(Click on “Nice Classification for Trademarks”)
Then write a request letter addressed to the Registrar of Industrial Property requesting to register a Trademark and attach it to the application form
Prepare four copies of your trademark printed in color on a size 5×5 cm paper and attach them to the application form
Visit the CIPA office and pay the application fee for Trademark registration and obtain the payment receipt
After payment, submit the complete application including the payment to the official at the service section
The CIPA official will verify if your application is well completed and then submit the application to the relevant officials for assessment
Your application will be assessed to determine if it meets the required standards of the Industrial Property Act
After a successful assessment, you will be informed by CIPA through your contact details to proceed to the next stage of publication
Then write an application letter addressed to CIPA requesting that your mark be published in the journal and pay the prescribed publication fee
Your mark will be published for three months in the Journal, giving the public a chance to register any objections regarding the registration of your mark and if there are no objections received during the three months, you will be notified by CIPA to proceed to the Registration Stage
Upon receiving the notification to register your Trademark, write an application letter addressed to CIPA requesting for your mark to be registered and pay the required registration fee
Upon payment, CIPA will process the registration of the mark and issue you the certificate of your trademark registration within five working days of receiving your request and payment

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I copyright a logo in Botswana?

In order to protect a trademark in Botswana, it must be registered. This may be done either directly through the local trademark office of Botswana in order to register a local trademark or by filing a trademark through the African Regional Industrial Property Organization (ARIPO).

How do I register a logo officially?

You can register a logo with the USPTO by using the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) or other online trademark service. If your logo includes design elements, you will need to upload an image, using a . jpg file, of the logo as part of your trademark application.

What is the cost of logo registration?

The government fees for trademark registration is Rs. 9000 per application per class for company. The government fees for trademark registration is Rs. 4500 per application per class for individual.

Can I register a logo without a company?

An individual who is not doing any business can also obtain a trademark application and obtain trademark registration for a symbol or word that is proposed to be used by the applicant in the future.

Does it cost money to copyright a logo?

The cost to trademark a logo with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is $275–$660 as of June 2020, plus legal fees.

How do I get my logo approved?

You can also register a trademark for your logo with the Secretary of State in the state where you will be using the logo. Doing so protects your rights only within that state, so the logo can be used by others in other states. The third and most expensive option is to file a trademark application with the USPTO.

How can I register my logo for free?

The first step is to file an application with the Trademark Registry (TM Registry) and obtain the acknowledgement. After filing the application for trademarks registration, the symbol (™) can be used with name / Brand. After registration of Trademark, the symbol ® can be used.

Can I register trademark myself?

Any layman who wants to register a trademark can apply himself. But when the practical applicability is considered, appointing an attorney will ease the process to register a trademark. Certain procedures are to be followed to apply for a trademark. An application is filed.

Where can I register my business logo?

How to Trademark a Logo? By registering a unique logo with the USPTO, it can be trademarked. If the business for which they’re authorized to file is primarily situated within the United States, anyone can apply online at the USPTO website.

Can I use logo if Im not selling?

You need permission to use a logo unless it is for editorial or information purposes, such as when a logo is used in a written article or being used as part of a comparative product statement. Other than these two instances, you should never assume you can use a trademarked logo.

When should you register a logo?

Do I have to register a company logo? You should bear in mind that there is actually no legal requirement to register your company logo, however, it’s definitely worth your time. If you want to protect it from being used by other people, you should have it registered as a trademark.

Should I trademark my logo?

Anyone whose logo identifies a business or profession should seriously consider trademark protection. Once you establish your trademark, the legal mark lasts forever. Just make sure to keep up with registration renewals at the five and ten year marks.