How to Register a Society in Botswana

How to Register a Society in Botswana

What is Society Register?

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How to Register a Society in Botswana

To register a Society in Botswana, you should submit your application to the nearest local Civil and National Registration office.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register a cooperative society in Botswana?

How do I get this service? Visit the Co-operatives office in your locality and submit an application for registration made to the Director on the application form for co-op which shall be signed by all members.

What are the requirements to form a society?

A society is formed when a group of people comes together for a common purpose or a charitable cause. A minimum of seven people is required to form a society. And these societies are governed by the ‘Societies Act, 1860’. The rules and regulations for these may slightly differ from State to State.

How do I register a society online?

Submit your application documents, society’s constitution, required documents and application fee payment receipt to the office of registrar of societies. The processing of the application takes a maximum of 120 days to be ready. If the application is approved a certificate of registration of society is then issued.

How much does it cost to register a cooperative society?

Payment of total costs which is estimated about N100,000. Please Note that Co-operative Society is required to have a minimum of ten (10) members before its application can be accepted for registration.

What are the 3 types of society?

There are many different types of society. The three main types are early societies, developing societies, and advanced societies.

What are the requirements to register a cooperative society?


Membership rules. Four copies of the proposed by-laws of the cooperative society. Letter of consent from all members of the cooperative society. Feasibility study on how the cooperative society intends to operate.

What are the 4 types of society?

  • Types of Human societies. Types:
  • Hunting-Gathering society.
  • Horticultural society.
  • Agrarian society.
  • Industrial society.

Who owns a registered society?

The members hold shares in the society and their personal liability is limited to the price of the share; but unlike a company limited by shares, a registered society’s shares do not fluctuate in value according to the society’s performance and the shares are not bought and sold like shares in a company.