How to Register as a Pharmacist in Botswana

How to Register as a Pharmacist in Botswana

What do you mean by a pharmacist?

Pharmacists are healthcare professionals who specialize in the right way to use, store, preserve, and provide medicine. They can guide you on how to use medications, and let you know about any potential adverse effects of what you take. They fill prescriptions issued by doctors and other healthcare professionals.

How to Register as a Pharmacist in Botswana

Complete the application form and submit it to the Botswana Health Professions Council (BHPC). After the assessment of the application form by BHPC, you will be required to undertake an examination. Once you pass the examination the council will issue a practicing certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How the registration of pharmacist is done?

Documents required for registration of pharmacist:

Educational Qualification certificates (12th, all years mark sheet of D. Pharma, B. Pharma or Pharma D) Proof of Identification and Proof of residence in state applying for registration.

How do I register my pharmacy?


  1. Application letter to register the premises;
  2. Duly filled Form B (PCN Application form for registration of premises)
  3. Photocopy of annual licence to practice /application for retention of name on the Pharmaceutical Register (Form J)

How do you qualify as a pharmacist?

How to become a pharmacist

  1. a 4-year Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) degree approved by the General Pharmaceutical Council.
  2. a one year pre-registration training course in pharmacy.

What is the difference between a registered pharmacist and a PharmD?

The doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) designation is a professional doctorate degree in pharmacy that is earned over several years. The registered pharmacist designation (RPh) shows the individual has passed national and state board exams and granted a license to practice pharmacy.

Can a non pharmacist open a pharmacy?

I know I said majority of pharmacy stores are run by pharmacists and it’s also of common belief that only pharmacists can have a pharmacy or drug store. But the thing is that, there is actually an option for setting up and starting the business even without being a pharmacist.

Is it hard to get hired as a pharmacist?

So, people may find that when they graduate school and become a pharmacist, that finding a job with the salary you desire may be difficult. The pharmacist jobs with the higher salary will also have the greatest number of applicants making this an extremely competitive job field.

What are 4 types of pharmacist?

Different Type of Pharmacists

  • Clinical Pharmacist. Clinical Pharmacists and Hospital Pharmacists are often used interchangeably.
  • Community Pharmacist. A community pharmacist is in charge of a local drug retail shop or a community centre.
  • Consultant Pharmacist.
  • Technical Pharmacist.
  • Sales Representative Pharmacist.

Can I be a hospital pharmacist without residency?

Most hospitals require residency training or previous job experience in a hospital for consideration for hospital pharmacist jobs. After graduating from pharmacy school, you can apply for a 1-year or 2-year hospital residency program.

Is pharmacist easier than nursing?

When it comes to comparing the difficulty level of the path to get a job in nursing vs. as a pharmacist, pharmacy school is considered harder. Although you need commitment for both options, studying to become a pharmacist is characterized by a more intense workload and a longer duration.

Where is the highest demand for pharmacists?

Norway: Working as a Pharmacist in Norway can be very rewarding as Norway is one of the best Countries to work as a professional Pharmacist. In Norway, based on research, an average Pharmacist earns around 777,000 NOK per annum.