List of Diplomatic Missions in Botswana

List of Diplomatic Missions in Botswana

What is Diplomatic Missions?

A diplomatic mission or foreign mission is a group of people from a state or organization present in another state to represent the sending state or organization officially in the receiving or host state.

List of Diplomatic Missions in Botswana

Embassy of Angola. City: Gaborone.
Embassy of Belgium. City: Gaborone.
Embassy of Canada. City: Gaborone.
Embassy of China. City: Gaborone.
Embassy of China. City: Gaborone.
Embassy of Denmark. City: Gaborone.
Embassy of France. City: Gaborone.
Embassy of France. City: Gaborone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many embassies Botswana have?

Department of Corporate Services. 23 Missions (Embassies/High Commissions and Consulates) abroad: Pretoria, Johannesburg, Windhoek, Maputo, Harare, Lusaka, Nairobi, Addis Ababa, Kuwait, Canberra, New Delhi, Beijing, Tokyo, Brussels, Berlin, Stockholm, Geneva, London, Washington DC, New York, Abuja, Brasilia and Paris.

Does Botswana have embassy in Nigeria?

The Botswana Embassy in Nigeria is a bilateral mission in Abuja and promotes Botswana interests in Nigeria. The embassy of Botswana also plays an important role in development, cultural affairs and contacts with the local press of Nigeria.

How many embassy do we have in Sierra Leone?

This is a list of diplomatic missions in Sierra Leone. At present, the capital city of Freetown hosts 17 embassies/high commissions.

How many countries are visa free for Botswana?

The Botswanan passport currently ranks on the 63rd place according to the Guide Passport Ranking Index. It provides visa-free access to 85 countries. Botswanan passport holders have visa-free access and visas on arrival to countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Israel, and United Kingdom.

What is the difference between a consulate and an embassy?

Embassies are the main representatives of their home country, whereas consulates are additional diplomatic offices. Embassies and consulates are considered legal territories of their home countries, meaning that the host country does not have jurisdiction over the embassy of another country.

How powerful is Botswana passport?

The Botswanan passport is currently ranked 63rd among global passports, according to the Guide Passport Ranking Index.

Who is the British ambassador to Botswana?

Dame Karen Elizabeth Pierce, Lady Roxburgh, DCMG (born 23 September 1959) is a British diplomat who is currently British Ambassador to the United States at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, and was previously the Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the United Nations.

Can an embassy protect you?

Yes. If you’re robbed, assaulted or otherwise victimized in a foreign country, you should contact the embassy as soon as possible.

How long is a work permit valid for in Botswana?

Employment permits are issued based on the validity of the contract of employment for up to a maximum of 5 years.

Is Botswana visa free for Nigeria?

Botswana Visa Information. The basic rule when comes to visa’s to Botswana is that visitors from Commonwealth countries do NOT require a visa before travelling to Botswana. However, citizens of Ghana, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka DO require a visa to Botswana.

Who shares a border with Botswana?

A landlocked country in the centre of Southern Africa, Botswana is bordered by Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Although most of the country is covered by deep Kalahari sand, there are rocky hills to the south-east. A large inland river delta in the north-west has a rich variety of wildlife.

What is the difference between embassy and ambassador?

An ambassador is a head of mission who is accredited to the receiving country’s head of state. They head a diplomatic mission known as an embassy, headquartered in a chancery usually in the receiving state’s capital.