List of Diseases in Botswana

List of Diseases in Botswana

What is Diseases?

A disease is a particular abnormal condition that negatively affects the structure or function of all or part of an organism, and that is not immediately due to any external injury. Diseases are often known to be medical conditions that are associated with specific signs and symptoms.

List of Diseases in Botswana


Lower respiratory infections

Ischemic heart disease



Neonatal disorders


Road injuries

Diarrheal diseases

Interpersonal violence

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the big 3 diseases?

The world’s deadliest infections, including Tuberculosis, Malaria and HIV/AIDS, have been considered as the “Big Three” infectious diseases (BTIDs). With leading infections and deaths every year, the BTIDs have been recognized as the world’s greatest pandemics.

What are 6 killer diseases?

diphtheria pertussis, tuberculosis, measles, tetanus, polio makes the child handicapped not only at their initial stages of their growth and development but also has a long term deleterious effect in their adulthood and later on.

Is there malaria in Botswana?

Malaria risk is present throughout the year (but highest from November to June). Risk is highest in the northern districts of Chobe and Ngamiland.

What are the 3 communicable diseases?

Some examples of the reportable communicable diseases include Hepatitis A, B & C, influenza, measles, and salmonella and other food borne illnesses.

What diseases have no cure?

advanced lung, heart, kidney and liver disease. stroke and other neurological diseases, including motor neurone disease and multiple sclerosis.

What are the main problems in Botswana?

Having governed through several decades of growth and development, the BDP enjoys significant political capital. However, high levels of unemployment (26% in early 2022) and inequality (10th highest Gini coefficient in the world) could challenge social stability

Is there Ebola in Botswana?

Although Botswana has not registered any Ebola cases, the Ministry and other authorities are on high alert and continue to monitor the situation. The Ministry assures the public that we are doing everything possible to protect the population and prevent Ebola from entering Botswana.

Do I need to take malaria tablets in Botswana?

There is a high risk of malaria, from November to June, in the northern half of Botswana, including the Okavango Delta area: atovaquone/proguanil OR doxycycline OR mefloquine recommended.

What are the 4 types of infectious diseases?

COVID-19 is a viral disease, just one of the four main types of infectious diseases. The others include bacterial, fungal, and parasitic—each different in how they spread and how they affect the body.

What is called infection?

An infection occurs when germs enter the body, increase in number, and cause a reaction of the body. Three things are necessary for an infection to occur: Source: Places where infectious agents (germs) live (e.g., sinks, surfaces, human skin)