List of Land Boards in Botswana

List of Land Boards in Botswana

What is Land Boards?

Land Boards derive their mandate from the Tribal Land Act and are responsible for management of Tribal land. There are 12 Land Boards across the country, with 41 subordinate Land Boards.

List of Land Boards in Botswana

Paje Sub Land Board. Private Bag 15. Paje. +267 463 7575.

Palapye Sub Land Board. P.O. Box 868. Palapye.

Rakops Sub Land Board. P.O.Box 66. Rakops.

Sefhare Sub Land Board. P.O. Bag 3. Sefhare.

Serowe Sub Land Board. Private Bag 12. +267 463 0205.

Shoshong Sub Land Board. P.O. Box 167. Shoshong.

Tonota Sub Land Board. P.O. Box 80. Tonota.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many land boards are there in Botswana?

Allocation of the land is administered by the twelve (12) Main Land Boards of the Ministry of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Services and their forty one (41) Subordinate Land Boards. Applicants who are granted land will receive a Certificate of Customary Grant as evidence of their right to the land specified.

How do I check my landboard waiting list?

All you have to do is type: MLB for applied residential plots in Malete landboard or TLB for Tlokweng (then space and insert your ID number) and send your message to +267 72807880. The response will give you your reference number as well as the position in the waiting list queue.

What are district land boards?

These Boards hold and allocate land in the district which is not owned by a person or an authority. They also facilitate the registration and transfer of interests in land. At least one-third of the members of a District Land Board have to be women (11).

When was Land Board established in Botswana?

In 1968, the Botswana Government passed the Tribal Land Act. This act marked a major change in the institutional framework that handled the country’s land matters. It established land boards, vested tribal land in these boards, and defined their powers and duties.

How do I get land in Botswana?

Applicants must complete and submit the Residential Application Form to the Department of Lands. (Receipt of applications for residential plots in state land is currently suspended). The Department of Lands will then issue an application reference number and the application will be placed on the SLIMS waiting list.

What is tribal land in Botswana?

Tribal land includes leasehold ranches and some areas designated for wildlife. Owners of freehold land have title to the land they hold under leasehold, normally 99 years renewable.

How many plots can one own in Botswana?

Dr Mzwinila said the law provides that no person must own more than one plot in tribal land. As a result, he said, the ministry will clean the waiting list to ensure that only people who are yet to own residential plots are the ones who put forward when the land allocation process is expedited

How many boreholes are there in Botswana?

There are more than 25,000 officially registered boreholes in Botswana of which 10,000 are owned by the government for water supply.

Who owns Botswana land?

Seventy percent of land in Botswana is tribal land, 25% is state land, and 5% privately-owned freehold land (ROB 2002). The following are the recognized tenure types: Private ownership. Individuals and entities can obtain private ownership rights to individual parcels of land through land purchase.

What is land control board?

Land control boardsare established under the Land Control Act of 1967 for controlling transactions on agricultural land. Only the President has the power and discretion to exempt a transaction on agricultural land from obtaining consent from land control boards.