List of Organizations in Botswana

List of Organizations in Botswana

What is Organizations?

List of Organizations in Botswana

Botswana Defence Force (BDF)

Botswana Police Service(BPS)

Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC)

The Directorate of Public Service Management (DPSM)

National AIDS Coordinating Agency (NACA)

Office of the President (OP)

Frequently Asked Questions

How many NGOs are Botswana?

Botswana Council of Non-governmental Organisations promotes and coordinates NGOs, and builds capacity among its more than 80 NGO members, which include networks and individual bodies.

What is the biggest company in Botswana?

Debswana is a major contributor to the national economy of Botswana and national GDP, foreign exchange earnings and government revenue. It is one of the largest private sector employers, with over 5200 employees.

What is a private company in Botswana?

A private company is formed with the intention of making a profit, and has a maximum of twenty-five (25) shareholders. This type of company does not make any offer to the public to subscribe to its shares or debentures. The name of a private company ends with (Proprietary) Limited, e.g. Carbo (Proprietary) Limited.

What is Botswana rich in?

Botswana’s reliance on diamonds and a public sector-driven model makes the economy vulnerable to external shocks, as diamonds contribute over 80%of total exports and are a major source of fiscal revenues.

Is Botswana good country to live?

Botswana has a low crime rate compared to other countries in Africa. There is also no recent history of terrorism and violent attacks on tourists are very rare. Expats moving to Botswana should keep in mind that it is a developing country where many people live in poverty.

Is Botswana the most stable country in Africa?

The average for 2021 based on 53 countries was -0.69 points. The highest value was in Botswana: 0.98 points and the lowest value was in Somalia: -2.68 points. The indicator is available from 1996 to 2021. Below is a chart for all countries where data are available.

Is Botswana good for foreigners?

Although Batswana are generally friendly and welcoming, foreigners have mixed experiences. Those from the US and the UK may have more positive experiences than expats from other African nations who have reported feeling treated as, and being seen as, outsiders.

How do I get a work permit in Botswana?

  • Download, complete the Work permit application form and submit with supporting documents to the nearest Labour Office.
  • Collection of Work permit after notification if approved.
  • Applicant can check after service collection period.