List of Private Schools in Botswana

List of Private Schools in Botswana

What is Private Schools?

List of Private Schools in Botswana

Mophato Private School

Newton International School

Crescent school, Lobatse , Botswana

Flamingo Private School

Westwood International School

Tabitha Private Secondary School

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Botswana have good schools?

Botswana’s international schools are typically well resourced and staffed with qualified and experienced teachers. Children here will benefit from access to high standards of learning, smaller class sizes, first-rate facilities and a wide range of extracurricular activities. The catch is the high cost of tuition.

How many private schools are there in Botswana?

We found 31 Private Schools in Gaborone.

Is private school Expensive?

This is an increase of 3.1% since the last ISC census, carried out in 2021, albeit one of the lower increases to be seen over the past decade. If you live in the North-West of the UK, you can expect to pay an average day school termly fee of £4,500, whilst London families can expect to pay just under £6,250 per term.

What age is best for private school?

“If there are no big concerns about academic ability, learning issues or motivation, I’d say wait until your child is a little older and they have begun to discover their own interests, which usually comes at about age 10,” Ehrlich says. “A good time is around middle school.

Do private school kids do better in life?

The most recent NAEP data shows what other research has found: Private school students score better in almost all subjects. On college entry tests such as the SAT, NAIS found that students in private schools consistently out-performed their public school peers in all subject areas.

Is it worth sending your child to private school?

There is certainly no right or wrong response. Each child is different and has different needs, some children will do well wherever they are in terms of academics, but may socially thrive in a smaller private setting. Some children need more support than a huge comprehensive school can offer them.

What is the disadvantage of private school?

The cost of attending a private high school or middle school is higher than attending a public one. Since courses are specialized, students may have a smaller range of subjects they can pursue. Students usually have to pass an entry exam to be admitted.

Why private school is better than public?

Safety. Private schools can also provide a higher degree of safety than public schools. In fact, private schools are nearly twice as safe as public schools, and because there is a greater teacher-to-student ratio, the level of supervision is much higher.

What percentage of children go to private school?

At the primary stage, 5 percent of pupils attend private schools. At the secondary stage, 8 percent of pupils attend private schools. Of those in sixth forms, 17 percent of pupils attend private schools.

Are children happier at private schools?

Private schooling does not make people any happier in life than going through the state system, new research suggests. Academics found no difference in wellbeing between young adults who had attended fee-paying schools and those who went to comprehensives.

Why do teachers prefer private schools?

However, most private schools will offer their teachers more freedom to decide what they teach and how they teach it than public schools do. Private schools also often have smaller classes than public schools, making it easier as a teacher to monitor and support students’ learning on an individual level.