List of Protected Plants in Botswana

List of Protected Plants in Botswana

What is Protected Plants?

An endangered species is a species that is very likely to become extinct in the near future, either worldwide or in a particular political jurisdiction. Endangered species may be at risk due to factors such as habitat loss, poaching and invasive species.

List of Protected Plants in Botswana

Basra Reed-Warbler

Mountain Reedbuck

Southern Mountain Reedbuck

Black Harrier

Frequently Asked Questions

Which fauna is protected in Botswana?

This includes lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, giraffe, zebra, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, African buffalo, hyena and antelope. All this fauna and flora in Botswana is a great delight for nature-enthusiasts and excursionists, as well as a great habitat for the well protected wildlife.

Which trees are protected in Botswana?

All trees of the species specified in the Schedule are hereby declared to be protected trees in those parts of Botswana constituting State land. Pterocarpus angolensis D.C. Adansonia digitata L. Diospyros mesopiliformis Hochst ex A.D.C.

What is the most common tree in Botswana?

Common trees are the mopane, baobab, marula, acacia, camel thorn, motopi (shepherd’s tree), wild date palm, papyrus, sycamore fig tree, real fan palm, African mangosteen and the sausage tree. The trees tend to grow in areas with a plentiful supply of water, such as in the Okavango Delta swamps.

What are 3 grass species in Botswana?

Seedling growth of three annual grass species, Chloris virgata, Setaria verticillata and Tragus berteronianus, and five perennial grass species, Cenchrus ciliaris, Enneapogon cenchroides, Eragrostis rigidior, Panicum maximum and Urochloa mosambicensis is very species-specific and not related to the life history.

What is plant protection called?

The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) is a multilateral treaty overseen by the FAO that aims to secure coordinated, effective action to prevent and to control the introduction and spread of pests of plants and plant products.

How plants are protected?

To keep small predators at bay, many plants have a mat of fine hairs on the surface of their leaves. To deter larger animals some plants have sharp spines or thorns, while others have leaves that sting or are bitter to taste.

What is Botswana’s national tree?

Did you know that the Morula Tree is Botswana’s national symbol. In 2014 Morula Tree was named as Botswana’s National Tree together with Kori Bustard, Sengaparile and Motshikiri that were named the national bird, national flower and national grass respectively.

How much of Botswana is protected?

… There are 22 protected areas in Botswana [16]. A total of 245, 244 km 2 of Botswana (over 37%) is committed to the conservation of wildlife, with >17% of the country being designated as protected national parks and game reserves, and 20% is utilized as wildlife management areas [17] .

What native trees are protected?

Currently, there are several species of trees that are protected in Auckland, which include the puriri, Norfolk pine, kauri, totara and pohutukawa. The puriri, or Vitex lucens, is an evergreen tree that is native to New Zealand.