List of TV Stations in Botswana

List of TV Stations in Botswana

What are TV Stations?

A television station is a set of equipment managed by a business, organisation or other entity, such as an amateur television operator, that transmits video content and audio content via radio waves directly from a transmitter on the earth’s surface to any number of tuned receivers simultaneously.

List of TV Stations in Botswana


BTV. BTV. BTV 2. BTV 3. BTV 4.

Now Channel (formerly known as Now TV)

YTV (formerly known as eBotswana)

Hub TV.

Khuduga HD.

Maru TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many TV stations are there in Botswana?

We found 10 Television Stations Broadcasting Companies in Gaborone Botswana.

When did dstv come to Botswana?

Back in 1992, before digital satellite TV had even launched in Africa, MultiChoice Africa and a local Batswana conglomerate joined forces to bring next-generation TV to Botswana.

Is DStv available in Botswana?

DStv Africa offers 5 packages and 2 addon packages to customers in Botswana. The price of each package depends on the number of TV stations available in them. The highest DStv package is the Premium bouquet offering over 170 premium channels at a cost of BWP 712 pm.

Is Botswana TV on DStv?

Btv, which is available on channel 289 on DStv and accessible to all active DStv customers, regardless of package, was previously only available through the use of a DStv decoder. As of 1 February 2022, customers are able to watch Btv on-the-go using the DStv app

How much is DStv Compact package Botswana?

You can get over 90 TV and Audio channels on DStv Compact at a cost of only and BWP 370 per month. Now there is an exciting DStv package to match your lifestyle.

How much is DStv access in Botswana?

In their effort to give customers value for their money, Multichoice Botswana has dropped the price of its DSTV Access Package by 23 per cent from P110 to P85 to give customers great entertainment at affordable prices.

What is the meaning of TV station?

television station (plural television stations) A studio or building from where a television channel is broadcast. An organization which operates a television channel. A radio frequency or band assigned to a television broadcaster.

What is the difference between TV station and TV channel?

The TV station will be affiliated or owned by the network to serve a specific geographical region. The TV channels are broadcast by the station and will be a feed from the network with commercials targeted at the region.

What is the importance of TV station?

The Television station can be seen as a means of promoting cultural, political and social lives of viewers. The public gets most of their information either directly or indirectly from the television station.

How do TV stations work?

Local TV stations use antennas to send, or broadcast, signals through the air as radio waves. Cable TV stations send signals through underground cables. Satellites, or spacecraft, traveling high above Earth can send signals to special antennas called satellite dishes.