Livingstone Kolobeng College Scholarships

Livingstone Kolobeng College Scholarships

Livingstone Kolobeng College (LKC) is located on a campus situated in the heart of Africa’s fastest-growing city, Gaborone. LKC is a progressive, innovative, and forward-thinking school. Our learning approach integrates the best of Botswana and international educational practices.

The academic rigor at LKC is complemented by happy and vibrant school life. LKC is Botswana’s leading institution for IGCSE & Advanced Level Studies. We are dedicated to providing our students with quality education at reasonable prices.

STO Scholarship Information

Botswana, just like other countries, has been impacted by Covid-19. Livingstone Kolobeng College has committed to contributing to easing the negative impact of this pandemic by providing opportunities to those children disadvantaged by COvid-19. Livingstone Kolobeng College is determined to provide world-class education to children affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. We take pride, in our 15 years of existence, in molding our students to be leaders of tomorrow.

Scholarship Requirements

Candidate Must

  • Have a sound academic record throughout
  • Have a recognized national lavel record in sports
  • Be an orphan who lost both/earning parent to Covid-19
  • Sit for an entrance test and attend an interview
  • *** Any other significant achievement will be an added advantage
  • *** School management reserves the right to select candidates

What You Need To Know

STO stands for Special Talent and Orphan

LKC is giving out 50% bursary to 2 STO students PER FORM. This implies that, selected students will only pay 50% of the tuition fees and the other 50% will be sponsored by the School. Selected students will also be expected to pay the development levy as outlined in the school fees policy.

Entrance Examinations will be communicated to parents once the application form of the child has been assessed.

For scholarship opportunities, contact the management for more details

Contact Us

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Use the information below to get in touch with the management of Livingstone Kolobeng College

Phone+267 3 161 140 (Reception)  |   +26771221602 (Mr. Bhatnagar)

AddressP.O Box 403388, Bock 8, Ext38, Gaborone, Botswana   or

P.O Box 403388 Gaborone,
Plot 37225, Block 8
Ext 38, Botswana, Gaborone

  • Tel: (+267)3161140
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  • Fax: (+267)3161139