Livingstone Kolobeng College School Fees

Livingstone Kolobeng College School Fees

School Fees Is Mandatory For ALL

Livingstone Kolobeng College Tuition Fees

Points to Note

  1. Form 1 – 5 Development Levy: P8,000.00 Once-Off
  2. AS / A2 Development Levy: P4,000.00 Once-Off
  3. NOTE: Annual school fees for all Form 5s & Form 6s are payable in the first two terms.
  4. Parents can choose to pay all the school fees at once BEFORE the deadline, in cheque or bank transfer/deposit in our school account.
  5. All parents are sent an invoice for the following term. From time-to-time you will also be provided with statements showing your current balance.

Payment Options

A review on method of payment

We, the Management of Livingstone Kolobeng College would like to notify you that from the 1st of November 2019, the School will no longer accept cash or swiping of Debit or Credit cards as a mode of payment. The mode of payment will be either a Bank Gauranteed Cheque or Direct Deposit to our bank accounts. Please find below our banking details.

Bank Details

Account Numbers

    Account Name: Lavender Projects
    Account number: 0100175997900
    Branch: Hemamo
    Branch Code:662767
    Swift Code: SCHBBWGXXXXX
    Account Name: Lavender Projects
    Account number: 9060003561815
    Branch: Fairgrounds
    Branch Code: 064967
    Swift Code: SBICBWGX
    Account Name: Lavender Projects
    Account number: 5210200002480
    Branch: Main Mall
    Branch Code: 110167
    Swift Code: BARBBWGXXXX

Please Kindly provide us with the proof of payment at our accounts office or email to

Additional Information

Parents to Note

  • All payments in cheque must be bank-guaranteed cheques.
  • Cheque payments should be made payable to “Lavender Projects”. The School accepts no responsibility for cheques marked, handed to other members of staff, etc.
  • Overdue balances will attract interest of 2% per month which will be added to the outstanding due balance.

  1. While the majority of parents observe the deadlines, there are some who do not. Please do not force us to send children home. That is the last thing we want to do. But if the deadline has passed and the parent has made no arrangement with the bursar, we have no other choice.
  2. All outstanding amounts should always be cleared before any payment is made for a new term.
  3. The school reserves the right to pursue all parents through legal channels for all outstanding balances.

Contact Us

Use the information below to get in touch with the management of Livingstone Kolobeng College

P.O Box 403388 Gaborone,
Plot 37225, Block 8
Ext 38, Botswana, Gaborone

  • Tel: (+267)3161140
  • (+267) 3162208
  • Fax: (+267)3161139