Livingstone Kolobeng College

Livingstone Kolobeng College

Livingstone Kolobeng College (LKC) is located on a campus situated in the heart of Africa’s fastest growing city, Gaborone. LKC is a progressive, innovative and forwarded thinking school. Our learning approach integrates the best of Botswana and international education practices. Academic rigour at LKC is complemented by a happy and vibrant school life. LKC is Botswana’s leading institution for IGCSE & Advanced Level Studies. We are dedicated to providing our students with quality education at reasonable prices. Read more…

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Use the information below to get in touch with the management of Livingstone Kolobeng College

P.O Box 403388 Gaborone,
Plot 37225, Block 8
Ext 38, Botswana, Gaborone

  • Tel: (+267)3161140
  • (+267) 3162208
  • Fax: (+267)3161139

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is online student registration done ?

Livingstone Kolobeng College currently does not offer a facility to FULLY register and/or apply for a place online but however we are working on it. Soon the facility will be available for all. At the moment, check our admissions page to see stages in which students can apply and get enrolled into our school system.

How do students get their End of Term Report Cards?

To avoid report cards from getting lost, torn apart, messed up in one way or the other, LKC came up with a database of parents/guardians’ contact details (emails) which they will use to forward all students report cards to their respective parents every term end. If parents do not get their child’s report card its either they have pending school fees or pending clearance of textbooks or other school belongings (for their child). In this case you may contact the school for further information.

Does LKC offer the same curriculum as other Schools?

Just like other Private Schools in Botswana, Livingstone Kolobeng College delivers an Internationally Approved and Certified Curriculum, Cambridge IGCSE, unlike State Government Schools which offer local Curriculum, Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE). The cambrige based qualifications are recognised for university entry throughout Botswana and around the world.

Does LKC offer any other help for internal students?

Yes! Livingstone Kolobeng College also offers extra free tutorials, timetabled daily for each subject after lunch. This is coordinated by subject teachers. Tutorials allow students to gain extra help from teachers, on an individual or small group basis. Students may also communicate with their subject teacher to get more extra tution outside school.

In addition, LKC provides textbook and carriculum which guide students through the content of a course/subject. They are provided for each subject and give students details of curriculum and assessment tasks, supplementary course materials, learning support, additional exercises, practice exams and much more.

How long has LKC been around?

Livingstone Kolobeng College has 15 years of existance (2020).

Does LKC help students find accommodation?

Livingstone Kolobeng College only offers accomodation to its A’Level students. There are specials domitories for girls and also for boys.

Does LKC accept predicted/forecast results for admission?

Only where appropriate, forecast (pre-released) results MAY be accepted for admission. A conditional offer will be issued, and when final results are received the offer will be converted to a full offer. But however, LKC emphasizes that students looking for admission must bring recent previous results or report cards from their previous school.