Master of Arts Programmes at Assembly Bible College

Master of Arts Programmes at Assembly Bible College

What is Arts Programmes?

Arts Programming means programming on culture and the arts, including, but not limited to the performing arts, visual arts, literature, fine arts, craft arts, creative writing, architecture and music but excluding programmes that exclusively feature music videos; Sample 1Sample 2.

Master of Arts

The purposes of this programme is defined as that part of the discipline in which an individual, with appropriate education and training, provides transformation services to the general public.

It’s intended to promote consistent quality and excellence in education and training through Christian based teachings.

Its provides tangible benefits for prospective learners; the local, national, and international publics that are excellently equipped to transform nations spiritually, morally, ethically, and improve their socio-economic status.

Equipped with specialized Knowledge in church ministry discipline including understanding of methods of enquiry and established codes of practice and capacity for critical analysis and interpretation of information.

Equipped with the capacity to carry out processes that require the use of specialized basic and applied research skills to solve problems, manage processes within broad parameters for specified activities and work outputs through church ministry discipline.

Trained to apply a range of advanced technical processes and skills to generate solutions to unpredictable and complex problems; and demonstrates considerable responsibility and accountability for own work output and of others through church ministry discipline.