National Diploma in Clinical Technology Course at Boitekanelo College

National Diploma in Clinical Technology Course at Boitekanelo College

What is Clinical Technology?

A clinical technologist, also known as a healthcare science practitioner, is a medical professional involved in the practical delivery of medical physics and clinical engineering services.

National Diploma in Clinical Technology

Clinical technologists are concerned with the entire human body and the functioning of its organs. They use specialized procedures and sophisticated apparatus to diagnose and help with corrective treatment for patients. They usually work with the doctor or specialist concerned and sometimes as members of a medical team.

Admission Requirements

BGCSE or equivalent with at least 36 points , a minimum of grade C in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics or a BB in double science, D in English and credit in any other subject,

OR Candidates should be 25 years or above at the time of application and must have an appropriate Diploma in a relevant course from a BQA accredited institution.

The potential candidate must also have experience in the work related force with proof thereof, a letter of confirmation from the service or portfolio of evidence may also be required.


Year 1

  • Introduction to Clinical Technology
  • Physics
  • Communication & Study skills
  • General Chemistry
  • Basic Computer Application
  • Anatomy & Physiology 1
  • Medical Microbiology
  • Calculations and Statistics
  • Psycho-dynamics Organic Chemistry

Year 2

  • Anatomy and Physiology 2
  • Biomedical Apparatus and Procedures 1
  • Biochemistry
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Biomedical Apparatus and Procedures 2
  • Pharmacology
  • Organ and System Pathophysiology
  • Health Care Professionalism

Year 3

  • Critical Care: Biomedical Apparatus III
  • Critical Care: Clinical Technology Practice II
  • Critical Care: Clinical Practice III
  • Cardiology: Biomedical Apparatus III
  • Cardiology: Clinical Technology Practice II
  • Cardiology: Clinical Practice III
  • Nephrology: Clinical Technology Practice III
  • Nephrology: Biomedical Apparatus III
  • Nephrology: Clinical practice III

Employment Opportunities

  • Government and Private hospitals
  • Government and Private hospitals