New Era College of Arts Science and Technology Scholarships

New Era College of Arts Science and Technology Scholarships Opportunities

New Era College was founded on a profound conviction to create an environment for excellence, bringing together a high standard of education and technical skill. At New Era College, our main focus is to prepare every student with the necessary tools needed to cope with the demands of an ever changing world.

Student Services

The Student Services department is responsible for the well-being of the student population. It is mandated with the development and implementation of various programmes and services that focus on both the academic and non-academic aspects of student life.

The fostering of values and skills at New Era College is meant to equip graduates with a lifetime of knowledge and capacity for growth.


A Leading Engineering and Technology Training Institution in Africa responsible for transforming people’s lives.


To provide relevant quality education, research, and training in Engineering and Technology aimed at promoting sustainable economic and social development.

New Era College Scholarship Opportunities

For inquiries and assistance with scholarship details, get in touch with the management of the New Era College of Arts Science and Technology for support;

(+267) 393 3584 or 393 3533

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(+267) 73933533 , 71374587, 72881887

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