Professional Guide Course (6 weeks) Short Course at Botswana Wildlife Training Institute (BWTI)

Professional Guide Course (6 weeks) Short Course at Botswana Wildlife Training Institute (BWTI)

What is Professional Guide Course?

Students are placed at a property where they will work with professional staff and management in order to develop their newly acquired skills. At the end of the course the student will not only have potentially ganed qualification/certificates, but will have also gained substantial practical working experience.

Professional Guide Course (6 weeks) Short Course at Botswana Wildlife Training Institute (BWTI)

Professional guide means a guide who has met meets experience, training, and testing qualifications for designation as a professional guide, as set by board rule.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a safari guide in Botswana?

If you want to acquire a qualification, you can complete the course with the FGASA Field Guide NQF2 certificate after passing all exams. Approved by FGASA, it enables you to work as a guide in specific wildlife areas.

What are the duties of a field guide?

Field guides host visitors to lodges and reserves on game drives, bush walks and other activities. They interpret the elements of nature and wildlife for their guests. To successfully do their job, field guides must be knowledgeable about ecosystems and the living and non-living things found there.

Which course is best for tour guide?

International Tour Management Institute

The International Tour Management Institute (ITMI) is a well-known program that provides training from experienced leaders in the tourism industry. The tourism school focuses on hands-on, in-person training, although online courses are also available.

How do you become a professional tour guide?

How to become a tourist guide

  1. Determine if you actually want to be a tour guide. Getting paid to travel and visit fascinating sites can be enticing, but it’s important to have realistic expectations.
  2. Determine the guiding job you want.
  3. Get training and a work permit.
  4. Start working and continue learning.

Where does a guide work?

A guide is an expert on a location’s history and gives guided tours to tourists at historic sites, nature and scenic attractions, and other travel destinations. Manuals are usually residents in the area hired by visitors’ bureaus and travel companies.

What is a guide position?

Position Overview

Guides are first-line representatives who welcome visitors of all ages and backgrounds, answer questions, and conduct engaging and interactive programs to educate the public about significant features at a variety of sites.

Which three skills are most important for a tour guide?

There are six key skills of a tour guide that you should be carrying out on your tours:

  1. Communication. It should go without saying that every tour guide worth their salt has excellent communication skills.
  2. Energy.
  3. Dynamism.
  4. Memory.
  5. A sense of humour.
  6. Professionalism.

What are the benefits of being a tour guide?

There are a number of advantages and challenges when becoming a tour guide, here we take a look at what these include.

  • Meeting different people from around the world.
  • Promoting your country.
  • Varied work.
  • Informing and entertaining people.
  • Using organisational skills.
  • Applying your creativity.
  • Constantly learning.

What are the 5 roles of a tour guide?

What do tour guides do?

  • undertaking research and planning tours.
  • preparing and giving presentations.
  • offering sightseeing advice.
  • organising and leading excursions.
  • problem solving.
  • translating and interpreting.
  • transporting and accompanying tourists.

What are the qualities of a guide?

The qualities of a good tour guide

  • Enthusiastic. It’s pretty much safe to say that enthusiasm is the most important part of this job.
  • Engaging. Great tour guides will share their knowledge in an engaging, interactive and entertaining way.
  • Communicative.
  • Outgoing.
  • Funny.
  • Decisive.
  • Organized.
  • Punctual.