Public Administration Course at Megasize College

Public Administration Course at Megasize College

What is Public Administration?

Public administration, a form of governance, or public policy and administration its related academic discipline, is the implementation of public policy, administration of government establishment, public governance, and management. 

1.0 Programme Structures

The Department of Political and Administrative Studies offers the following undergraduate programmes leading to the award of the under-mentioned degrees:

1.1 Single Major Public Administration Programmes (PAS Regulations 2.1) leading to the award of the BA (Public Administration)
1.2 Single Major Political Science Programme (PAS Regulations 2.2) leading to the award of the BA (Political Science)
1.3 Combined Major/Major Programme (PAS Regulations 2.3) leading to the award of the BA (Social Science)
1.4 Combined Major/Minor Programme (PAS Regulations 2.4.1 and 2.4.2) leading to the award of BA (Social Science)
1.5 Combined Minor in Public Administration + Major in Other Programme
1.6 Combined Minor in Political Science + Major Other Programme

2.0 Entry Requirements

Admission to the programmes offered by the Department shall be on the basis of performance in the Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) examination, or its equivalent, and as specified in the General Academic Regulations. Requirements for entry into the Bachelor of Arts (Public Administration/Political Science) Single Major Degree Programme are determined by the Department of Political and Administrative Studies Board and may vary from year to year. Applicants with a recognised Diploma in Public Administration may also be considered for entry into the Bachelor of Arts Public Administration programme.

3.0 Assessment

Performance in each course shall be evaluated by the combination of continuous assessment and final examination marks in the ratio of 2:3 in favour of the final examination. The only exceptions are internships, projects and seminars, which shall be assessed only through assignments. The final examination for every course shall normally be 2 hours long. However, the department reserves the right to review the mode of assessment, and respective lectures shall specify approved mode of assessment prior to any intake or at the start of the semester in which the course is taken.

4.0 Award of Degree

To be awarded a Degree, a student must satisfy the appropriate provisions of the General Academic Regulation 23.71 and the Special Regulations of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

5.0 Degree Structure

5.1 The Public Administration and Political Sciences courses shall be offered at Levels 100 to 400 for the undergraduate programmes.
5.2 In addition to Public Administration and Political Sciences courses, an undergraduate candidate majoring in these courses shall take the General Education Courses (GECs) and Electives in accordance with the General Regulation 00.2124.
5.3 The Department of Political and Administrative Studies offers undergraduate Public Administration and Political Science courses (as Combined Majors including a Major combined with a Minor) to students majoring in other subjects. In addition, the Department offers single majors in Political Science and Public Administration, subject to departmental approval.
5.4 The Department of Political and Administrative Studies offers GECs as outlined in the General Academic Regulations.