Quantity Surveying Services in Botswana

Quantity Surveying Services in Botswana

What is Quantity Surveying Services?

Quantity surveyors estimate and control costs for large construction projects. They make sure that structures meet legal and quality standards. Quantity surveyors are involved at every stage of a project.

Quantity Surveying Services in Botswana


KILLE & DANNHAUSER – Chartered Quantity Surveyors (C-QS)


Institute of Botswana Quantity Surveyors (IBQS)

MLC Quantity Surveyors (Pty) Ltd

The Fitzwilliam Partnership Botswana

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a PQS and a QS?

The main distinction amongst QSs is between: Those who carry out work on behalf of a client organisation: often known as a “professional quantity surveyor”, “professional QS” or “PQS”. Those who work for construction companies: often known as a “main contractor’s quantity surveyor”.

How do I get QS certified?

To qualify as a quantity surveyor, you can gain a New Zealand Diploma in Construction (QS), Bachelor’s Degree in Quantity Surveying or Construction Economics, Postgraduate, Graduate or Masters in QS. You can take on entry-level roles with either kind of qualification.

Can a QS be an estimator?

You can engage a quantity surveyor purely to provide costing breakdowns in the same way an estimator would; but if you wish, you can commission them to make regular site visits and stay involved in the project from start to finish. Your architect may well recommend a QS they know, or you can appoint your own.

Is a QS an engineer?

Actually it’s a Civil Engineering industry professional with expertise in Contracts management and construction costs. As a quantity surveyor, you have to manage all costs relating to building and Civil Engineering projects, from the initial to final calculation.

Can you be a QS without a degree?

To become a quantity surveyor, you will usually need a degree in quantity surveying or commercial management accredited by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), although this isn’t always the case. To study a degree, you will usually need A levels (or equivalent).

What is another name for a quantity surveyor?

Other names for people employed with quantity surveying qualifications include estimator, cost engineer, cost manager, cost analyst, project coordinator, project cost controller and cost planner.

How do I become a quantity surveyor in Ghana?

A professional qualification and membership of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors (Quantity Surveying Division) or its equivalent with 8 years post-professional qualification or more. iii. A Master’s degree or post graduate degree in the Built Environment with at least 5 years post-qualification work experience.

What are the two types of quantity surveyor?

Quantity surveyors can be categorised into two definite categories, the first one being a client appointed quantity surveyor and the other being a quantity surveyor employed by a construction company.

How long is a QS course?

An undergraduate degree will traditionally take three years when studied full time on campus. Depending on the university you choose, there may be a chance to take a placement year or learn part time which will extend your learning journey.