Secretarial Services in Botswana

Secretarial Services in Botswana

What is Secretarial Services?

Drafting, preparation and filing of all documents stipulated in the Companies Act, 1963 including, but not limited to, board and shareholders’ resolutions, Company Forms and Annual Returns. Arranging, covering and recording minutes of Board and Shareholders’ Meetings.

Secretarial Services in Botswana

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main parts of a shuttle system?

The Space Shuttle consists of three major components: the Orbiter which houses the crew; a large External Tank that holds fuel for the main engines; and two Solid Rocket Boosters which provide most of the Shuttle’s lift during the first two minutes of flight.

What qualifications are needed to be a company secretary?

(a) Graduate in any discipline or equivalent qualifications from a recognized University/Institute. (b) Passed in Company Secretaryship Executive Programme. Candidates who have already passed the Company Secretaryship course shall also be eligible for admission.

What is the difference between a company secretary and a secretary?

While a personal secretary will be responsible for organising meetings, taking calls and dealing with everyday admin tasks, a company secretary has many important secretarial duties in the organisation. Perhaps the most important task is to file the annual returns at Companies House.

Who Cannot be a company secretary?

In a private company, you can appoint any person over the age of 16. However, the role of a company secretary cannot be held by: The auditor of the company (this would constitute a conflict of interest) An undischarged bankrupt, unless permission is granted by the court.

What is secretarial work called?

A Secretary, or Administrative Assistant, is responsible for facilitating communications within an office and fielding interactions with the public. Their duties include answering and redirecting phone calls, scheduling meetings and providing personalized support for other employees in their office.

Can you be a secretary without a degree?

A high school diploma is required to become a secretary. Secretarial courses, an associate’s degree or work experience is also beneficial. Secretaries must be proficient in word processing and data-entry software. Some employers have typing speed requirements.

What is the age limit for company secretary?

Company Secretary course minimum age limit to apply for the course is 25 years. The Company Secretary entrance exams are conducted at both national and college levels.

What are the two types of secretary?

The major categories of secretary are as follows: Private secretary. Secretary of an association.

What are the three functions of a secretary?

In summary, the Secretary is responsible for: Ensuring meetings are effectively organised and minuted. Maintaining effective records and administration. Upholding the legal requirements of governing documents, charity law, company law, etc.

Is a secretary higher than a receptionist?

Secretaries typically perform more responsibilities than receptionists. In addition to the administrative tasks common to both professions, secretaries also arrange schedules, meetings and agendas for a variety of personnel in the office.

Is a secretary higher than a clerk?

A secretary’s job focuses on typing and storing documents and reporting to a general manager. Office clerks handle general paperwork not necessarily affiliated with a specific person, and they typically do a little bit of everything clerical in an office setting.