Where To Travel in Botswana

Where To Travel in Botswana

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Where To Travel in Botswana

Popular places to visit in Botswana · Central Kalahari · Chobe National Park · Linyanti Wetlands · Makgadikgadi Pans, Kalahari · Maun · Moremi Wildlife Reserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most beautiful town in Botswana?

Palapye, most beautiful cities in Botswana is a large town in Botswana located halfway between Francistown and Gaborone. It is situated by the Lotsane River, towards the Central-Eastern edge of Botswana.

Is Botswana a good tourist destination?

Botswana is one of the best places on earth to immerse yourself in nature, wildlife and unbelievably beautiful landscapes. From the famed Kalahari-Desert, arid and vast to the breathtaking rivers and deltas, this country offers endless opportunities for exploration and adventure.

How many days do you need in Botswana?

Five to 10 days will allow you to truly explore the country’s many safari regions. From the elephant-rich Chobe National Park to the channels of the Okavango Delta, the lush grasslands of the Linyanti to the dry pans of the Makgadikgadi, game-viewing options are endless.

What is the best month to visit Botswana?

The best time to visit Botswana is during the dry season, which falls between May and October. Temperatures range between 75°F and 95°F, so you’ll enjoy warm, sunny days — just remember the nights can get much cooler, so pack accordingly.

Is Botswana or South Africa better for safari?

Botswana is a more pure wildlife destination than South Africa. Its main safari reserves, for instance the Okavango and Chobe, are less accessible than their South African counterparts, far wilder in feel, and tend to cater more to high-cost, low impact fly-in tourism.

What is Botswana famous for?

Botswana is well known for having some of the best wilderness and wildlife areas on the African continent. 38% of its total land area are devoted to national parks, reserves and wildlife management areas.

How do I plan a safari in Botswana?

The golden rule to planning an affordable Botswana safari is to check your dates of travel. June to September is the peak season over most of Botswana, and good deals are thin on the ground. Instead, check out the ‘shoulder season’ (typically April/May and October/November) or even the green season (January to March).

How long can a tourist stay in Botswana?

90 days

Foreign nationals are allowed to stay in Botswana for a period of 90 days without applying for a residence or work permit. If visitors want to stay in Botswana for longer than 90 days, they will have to apply for an extension to stay beyond the validity period. Who is eligible?

Do they speak English in Botswana?

The official languages of Botswana are English and Tswana. English – Inherited from colonial rule and is used for official business and most written communication. Tswana – The language of the Tswana people—Setswana—is a country’s national language, and is spoken by most of the population.

What are three tourist attractions in Botswana?

  • #1 The Okavango Delta.
  • #2 Chobe National Park.
  • #3 Tuli Block.
  • #4 Makgadikgadi Salt Pans.
  • #5 Tsodilo Hills.
  • #6 Nxai Pan National Park.
  • #7 Moremi Game Reserve.
  • #8 Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

Where should I go on safari for the first time?

South Africa is often the first country of choice for new safari goers. As one of the more developed African nations, it is a great place to start if you are nervous or unsure about visiting Africa. Believe us, there is no need to be! But we understand how it feels to visit a new place for the first time.