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Assembly Bible College Application

Assembly Bible College is a fully accredited non-profit making Christian College, in the Pentecostal tradition, based out of Tlokweng, Sefoke Ward, in Botswana. The College integrates education and service through a network in all Faith Based organisations.

Assembly Bible College is recognized by the Botswana Ministry of Education, registered and fully accredited by Botswana Qualification Authority (BQA).

Courses Offered by Assembly Bible College

The Diploma in Biblical Theology in Ministry covers 96 credits which are recognized by Global University (USA) and Global School of Theology (RSA).

Undergraduate Courses Offered by Assembly Bible College

Bachelor of Arts Programmes Offered by Assembly Bible College

Based on the Botswana National Credit and Qualifications Framework (BNCQF), the scope of accreditation for ABC is currently at level 7.

  • ABC’s programme(s) are intended to promote consistent quality and excellence in education and training through Christian based teachings.

Capacity to carry out processes that require the use of specialized basic and applied research skills to solve problems, manage processes within broad parameters for specified activities and work outputs.

  • Able to fully recognise, analyse and assess complex and highly challenging tasks in a given interdisciplinary specific field.
  • Able to carry out tasks based on operational guidelines or through suitable, innovative problem-solving strategies and make relevant prognoses or recommendations.

Applies a range of advanced technical processes and skills to generate solutions to unpredictable and complex problems; Demonstrates considerable responsibility and accountability for own work output and of others within a field of work or study.

  • Drawing from extensive work experience, able to use the requisite knowledge and skills at this level in a targeted fashion to ensure smooth operation of one’s own working processes and produce strategic results within a business.
  • Work can be performed in the form of managerial and consulting activities as part of one or more complex working processes and contribute to the further development of the business or improvement of working processes.
  • Autonomy: able to fully and conscientiously apply the requisite knowledge and skills in a specific highly challenging field and thematically related fields on one’s own. Able to take responsibility for complex tasks and processes and handle changing requirements within the entire highly challenging field.
Diploma Programmes Offered by Assembly Bible College
  • The college is offering a Diploma in Biblical Theology and Ministry.

Applies advanced skills and demonstrates mastery of and innovation required to identify and solve complex and unpredictable problems in a specialized field of work or study.

  • Show evidence of playing a moral and constructive role in a faith community and the community at large.
  • Demonstrate evidence of the ability to communicate effectively in a community.
  • Reveal sensitivity and maturity in responding to ethical challenges.

Demonstrate ability to select and apply technical processes and assume responsibility for design and/or management of processes within defined area(s) of expertise, including accountability for personal and group outcomes.

  • Engage with living communities as well as with academic course material.
  • Show commitment to the well-being of society by developing well-informed ethical stances on community issues.
  • Play a responsible and constructive role in a faith community.
  • Demonstrate tolerance of diversity and the opinions of others.

Postgraduate Courses Offered by Assembly Bible College

Master of Arts Programmes Offered by the College

The purposes of this programme is defined as that part of the discipline in which an individual, with appropriate education and training, provides transformation services to the general public.

  • It’s intended to promote consistent quality and excellence in education and training through Christian based teachings.

Assembly Bible College Entry Requirements

Minimum passing score for any individual course is 60 percent. A cumulative grade average (CGA) of all
Assembly Bible College work attempted will be maintained.

A minimum CGA of 70 percent is required to earn a diploma or to graduate.

Admission Guide of the Assembly Bible College

The Called (Full-time or Part-time)

(a) Persons applying for admission to Assembly Bible College must have three years in the Christian faith.
(b) Full member of a local church. Evidence of a calling to full-time ministry.

Any Christian
(a) An opportunity is provided for any Christian to apply for admission at ABC.

Applicants for the Diploma program must have earned Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education (Form 5) or the equivalent with 30 accumulated points.

Equivalency may be based on transcripts from another institution, or records from a school system of another country.

The Junior Certificate (Form 3) may be waived for candidates over 25 years of age.

Enroll at the Assembly Bible College as a Transfer Student

Students desiring to transfer credits into the college from another college are required to submit an official transcript.

A copy of that college’s prospectus or equivalent available information may be required by Academic Dean. Credits may be granted for relevant work done on an equivalent level.

Assembly Bible College School Fees

Module: P448
Exam: P154 per Credit
Tuition: P960 per Module
Technical Fee: P40 per Module
Administration Fee: P380 per Module (Applicable to Open Distance Learning only)
Note: These fees is subject to change every full academic year circle, when necessary.

Being a Non Profit Making Institution, ABC offer a subsidised cost for self-sponsored learners:

  • BA Degree
    • Full-Time (FT) On-Campus Cost: 120 credits of 480
    • Full-Time (FT) Off-Campus Cost: 120 credits of 480
  • Diploma
    • Full-Time (FT) Cost: 96 Credits of 361
    • Part-Time (PT) & Off-Campus Cost: 96 Credits of 361
    • Open Distance Learning (ODL) Cost: 96 Credits of 361

Non Subsidised for Non Resident Students:

  • BA Degree
    • Full-Time (FT) On-Campus Cost: 480
    • Full-Time (FT) Off-Campus Cost: 480
  • Diploma
    • Full-Time (FT) On-Campus Cost: 361 Credits
    • Part-Time (PT) & Off-Campus Cost: 361 Credits
    • Open Distance Learning (ODL) Cost: 361 Credits


Get in touch with the management of the Assembly Bible College for further assistance;

252 Brinks Road, Gaborone, Botswana

+267 392 8439