By | June 13, 2022

Botswana Accountancy College BAC-Desert and Delta Scholarship 2022/2023

Do you have an interest in the tourism industry? Then this scholarship is for you! This scholarship covers you for 2 BAC Programmes; 

BA(Hons) Tourism Management

BA(Hons) International Hospitality Management

  1. Criteria

1.1            Geographical location

                 Applicant(s) must meet at least one of the following conditions:

1.1.1         home village is Khumaga

1.1.2         attended Khumaga Primary School

1.1.3         attended Shorobe Primary School

1.1.4         attended Tsodilo Junior Senior School

1.1.5         attended Kachikau Primary School

1.2               Demographic

Applicant(s) must be Botswana citizens aged between 18 (eighteen) and 32 (thirty-two).

1.3               Award criteria

1.3.1         Applicant(s) must be admitted at BAC for BA (Hons) International Hospitality /Tourism Management.

1.3.2         Applicant(s) must indicate an interest to work in the tourism industry post-qualification.

1.3.3         Applicant(s) must show proof of extra-curricular and/or community involvement.

1.3.4         Applicant(s) must provide evidence of leadership ability.

  1. Application

2.1             All applicants must fill in the application form.

2.2             The following should be submitted with the application form:

2.2.1         Certified copy of Omang.

2.2.2         A reference letter from a teacher, headmaster or employer. The reference letter must not be from a family member.

2.2.3         Certified copies of school transcripts and certificates.

2.2.4         A two-page essay on “what this sponsorship means to you”.

2.2.5         Acceptance letter from BAC

2.3               Short-listed applicants will be interviewed.

2.4               Only short-listed and successful applicants will be communicated to.

2.5               Email application(s) to


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