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Botswana Meat Commission Job Vacancies


Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) was established on the 24th December 1965, by an act of Parliament to promote the development of the country’s beef and related products globally.

The first abattoir was opened in Lobatse with Maun and Francistown Abattoirs following in 1983 and 1989 respectively. The Maun Abattoir was closed indefinitely in 1996 due to shortage of cattle supply and re-opened in April 2010. The BMC has had a significant contribution to the development of the country over the years.

In the early years of Botswana’s development as an independent nation, beef export was the only foreign exchange earner.

Although beef is no longer the largest earner of foreign exchange, it nonetheless remains important to the economy as it has different impact on the furfural population who rely on farming for their livelihood. BMC head office in Lobatse comprises an integrated complex housing an Abattoir, deboning and cutting plant, cannery, rendering plant and tannery.


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