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Botswana Trade Portal Job Vacancies 2023

About Us

As part of its key efforts to make cross-border trade easier for the Botswana business community, the Government of Botswana through Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC) has developed the Botswana Trade Portal. This is a virtual platform whose aim is to make available, in a single integrated website, all regulatory trade related information for import and export in Botswana.

The Trade Portal aims at providing real time, transparent and predictable trade information, and by so doing increase the compliance level and reduce the cost of doing business for traders.

Botswana Trade Portal contains the following:

• Information on trade including laws and regulations, applicable fees, standards, procedures, guidance notes, forms, licenses and permits

• Information on applicable tariffs for all trade agreements that Botswana is signatory to

• All bilateral, regional and international trade agreements that Botswana is party to, including applicable rules, regulations and requirements.

• Procedures and requirements for import or transit goods

• Updates on trade news, announcements and events

• Links to other important information sources

• An Enquiry Point for trade related questions

Job Opportunities

Visit our official website to apply for ongoing job recruitment. For more information contact our Human Resource department via the contact info provided below;

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