By | April 19, 2023

Customs Declarants Full Time Job Vacancy at DHL Botswana – Apply Now

BW Customs Declarants x 3

Job Purpose

Provide day-to-day administrative support with readily available advice customs and trade compliance activities to provide clearance of freight documentation through the relevant customs authorities in line with business strategy and objectives, corporate guidelines and policies

Typical Business Titles

Customs Clerk, Customs Clearance Clerk


  • Individual contributor who completes activities or fulfills targets under immediate supervision and guidance and executes assigned tasks according to specific standards and guidelines
  • Entry-level position typically requiring little to no prior knowledge or experience
  • Work is routine or follows standard procedures and closely supervised

Key Tasks

  • Under direct supervision, support delivery of customs and trade compliance processes and activities to optimize service and cost performance for customs clearance
  • Perform assigned tasks of generally repetitive nature for import/ export documentation such as receiving, reconciling, consolidating/ summarizing documents and information
  • Undertake data capturing activities, feed data into customs operating system and set up master data for transactions
  • Screen paperwork, update documentation and support in documentation archiving processes
  • Execute filing of customs entries and post-entry work/ transactions
  • Maintain customer part lists
  • Support/ maintain operational systems as per instructions
  • Execute back-office duties such as scanning, filing, reporting, etc.
  • Regularly update shipment information and physical status
  • Gather required information for duty, tax and billing issues/ discrepancies to support other team members
  • Collect data to draft reports and updates for performance monitoring to support other team members
  • Follow defined processes, systems and methods for delivery of assigned tasks
  • Check recurring routine issues faced during delivery, else escalate to supervisor for inputs and guidance
  • Research, identify and obtain the permits, licenses, and certificates required for customs clearance and general customs formalities
  • Advice customers on legal (e.g. trade compliance – shipments to sanctioned countries) and customs topics
  • Contact customs authorities


Support and interact primarily with colleagues of own team

Communicate information that requires little explanation or interpretation

Address task-related issues appropriately to maintain work relationships

Management Responsibility

Individual contributor without direct responsibility for leading others


Customs, Trade Compliance, Customs Regulations, Customs Brokerage, Customs Declaration, Customs Valuation, Customer Requirements, Tariffs, Import Export, CRM, Classification, Bill Of Lading, Certificate Of Origin, Export Control, Tracking, Third Party Logistics, Airlines, Authorities, E-Commerce, Accuracy, Microsoft Excel, Data Entry, DPDHL Business Knowledge, Business Processes, Stakeholder Management, Feedback

Qualifications & Key Requirements

Education Level: Vocational/Specialized/Technical/Certification

Experience Level: less than 2 years