By | February 15, 2023

Environmental Manager (Permanent) Job Position Available at Wilderness Air | Closes 19th Feb, 2023

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About the Opportunity
Reporting to the Managing Director, the Environmental Manager is responsible for designing and implementing the annual environmental strategy for Botswana, ensuring that concession lease conditions are met, internal and external reporting, sustainability (implementing and monitoring of Group Environmental Management Systems) and Impact programmes (research and monitoring, anti-poaching support, alien vegetation control and human-wildlife conflict mitigation).


  • Develop the environmental strategy for Wilderness Botswana and ensure that it is aligned with the Wilderness Group’s impact, conservation and environmental
  • Innovate and be a leader within the conservation tourism field, engaging with government stakeholders and peers to ensure Wilderness complies with, and exceeds, requirements, and actively contributes to conservation goals/needs within Botswana, and
  • Review/refine the Wilderness Botswana research strategy, with defined research projects per concession that address key conservation questions, and ensure
  • Develop and implement measures to improve security of wildlife within concessions, through collaborations with government, NGOs, neighbouring communities and Wilderness colleagues.
  • Ensure all biodiversity monitoring (species diversity, abundance and distribution, water quality, vegetation, etc.) is accomplished to meet the requirements of concession agreements, and expand the scope of monitoring over
  • Collaborate with other Wilderness stakeholders to develop and manage donor
  • Co-ordinate and oversee bi-annual EMS assessments (including baseline data from camps), and prepare
  • Maintain group environmental minimum standards and deliver training on these standards to Operations staff where
  • Be available to meet and engage with media, agents and guests as and when required, to promote conservation
  • Represent the business both locally and internationally, as
  • Ensure compliance with all government regulations governing Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Management Plans, and other related


  • Oversee administration and budget adherence in the Environmental
  • Ensure all accounts related to the department meet auditing standards and that costs are controlled and aligned to reasonable
  • Ensure all confidential/sensitive data are safely kept by approved individuals only, and that information is shared on a need-to-know approval basis


  • Minimum Master of Science in Ecology/Zoology/ Biological Sciences, or any equivalent
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in the conservation
  • Knowledge of conservation
  • Having work published in scientific publications will be advantageous.


  • Ability to engage, inspire and influence people.
  • Ability to take the lead on
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Emotional intelligence with strong interpersonal
  • Personal leadership skills, self-awareness and taking responsibility for personal
  • Collaborator and relationship-building skills, with the ability to develop strong working
  • Diversity management, ability to embrace divergent points of view and socio-cultural
  • A genuine interest in, and understanding of, environmental issues, relevant legislation and renewable energy