By | April 15, 2023

Eye-D Systems Electronic Store Job Vacancies

About Us

Eye-D Systems is a wholly citizen owned company located in Gaborone. Out products and services have been used in a wide range of applications systems in more than 30 organisations in Botswana. Though installation, maintenance and technical consultations in banks, hospitals, schools, financial institutions, airports and government buildings.

The company’s success has been largely achieved through a close relationship with its customers and partners in the industry.

Eye-D Systems is known for its skill in the areas of Identification, Communication, Information and Electronic Technology solutions and has strong affiliate with major distributors both Internationally and Locally. We were the first company in Botswana to successfully install Biometric Access Control Systems and IP Cameras.

Job Vacancies

Visit our official website to apply for ongoing job recruitment. For more information contact our Human Resource department via the contact info provided below;

Contact Information

ADDRESS: P.O. Box 26578, Gaborone, Botswana


TEL: +267 3924556

FAX: +267 3924557