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Makuyana Legal Practice Job Vacancies

About Us

MLP was founded in July 2002. Since opening our doors, we have serviced a wide base of clientele in the private sector, including Societies, Non-Government OrganisationsParastatalsIndividuals and Companies.

The practice currently lists amongst its clientele, various artificial and natural entities who are engaged in various commercial enterprises, including the transport industry, insurance industry, retail and wholesale, real estate and property developers.

Over the past few years we have rendered services to numerous; regionally and internationally; multi-national companies of varying sizes who have required our expertise in various legal sectors, with the main bias having been South Africa and Zimbabwe for general matters and international for intellectual property law.

Locally, we have serviced multiple large companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, in disputes ranging from corporate re-structuring, to contractual and labour disputes, which services encompassed; without limitation; rendering opinions, drafting contracts, alternative dispute resolution and litigation in both the High Court and Court of Appeal. We also retain a small contingent of natural persons as our clients.


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Contact Information

MLP House, Unit 14, Plot 102, Gaborone International Commerce Park,

Gaborone, Botswana


Phone: +267 318 5726