By | March 22, 2023

Osei-Ofei Legal Job Vacancies

Who We Are

When you are navigating through complex legal dilemmas, trustworthy and knowledgeable legal representation is essential. At Osei-Ofei Swabi & Co., our priority is to deliver high quality legal advice to our clients, specialising in the area of corporate law.

Our firm offers a range of legal and business solutions across all types of commercial transactions in Botswana, leveraging our experience and in-depth knowledge of the country’s regulatory laws. Our team of experienced and skilled lawyers have provided numerous domestic companies and international investors with tailored solutions for their business issues.

Job Opportunities

Visit their official website to access available job offers. Contact them using the info provided below for more info on job opportunities


First Floor, Unit 18, Kgale Mews
P O Box 403506, Gaborone, Botswana

+267 390 8293

+267 390 8258